Netletter #1 (October 30, 1995)

This communication is an attempt by two Pionairs, Vesta Stevenson and Terry
Baker to establish a 'netletter' of interest to, principally, Pionairs who
have email addresses. As Pionairs, our only contact for information is
through the company newsletter - Horizons - and the 1-800 number for
CIC daily info, which seems to refer us to various CIC pages for which
we have no access. The contents of our 'netletter' can be anything which is
considered of interest to ex Air Canada types, permenant employees and

Subjects can be information on good accommodations, inexpensive trips or,
maybe, someone you may have lost contact with.
This 'netletter' is not sponsored by the executive of Air Canada Pionairs,
but is intended to make use of the new technology to dispense information
which may be of interest.
We welcome comments and information - non controversial - which can be
included in subsequent 'netletter's, but NOT advertising.

Here goes ...

. Reminder - Single status retirees must nominate their travel partner
for 1996 by completing and returning the Travel Entitlement form by
Oct 16 1995.

. Industry Travel announces that, effective Oct 1/95,  Revenue Canada
will be implementing the Aviation Travel Tax upon the service charge for
passes. Details on how this will be applied will be advised through
Horizons. Airlines in Canada are vigorously opposing this tax.

. Effective Oct 1/95, K.L.M. are no longer part of the MEDTA system,
therefor ID50% and ID90% tickets will no longer be issued until a new
agreement is negotiated. Tickets issued prior to Oct 1/95 will be

. New Non-revenue dress code - effective Oct 1/95. Air canada will adopt
a more casual dress code for its non-revenue and reduced rate (ID)
customers in order to have a better balance with the attire worn by
many of the revenue customers. For travel in Executive class, men will
no longer be required to wear either a jacket or tie, and women are
no longer required to wear either stockings or hosiery. Attire in
Executive class should be in the mode of casual business. That means
clean jeans can be worn in Hospitality, but don't expect to be ugraded!
This now makes it extremely difficult to spot fellow 'cons' who may have
a better priority that you!

. The Travel Partner program consists of SPACE AVAILABLE, HOSPITALITY
class tickets which can be used on any AIR CANADA routes ONLY. This
excludes the use on either AC Connector, Continental or code-sharing

. A BBS operating in the YVR area called ACRA Airlines BBS can be
contacted on 1-604-541-1878, this BBS is run by an Air Canada employee
and has excellent information available including the latest Air Canada flight
schedule which can be downloaded.

. The Vancouver Island Pionairs fall luncheon

Place: Princess Mary Restaurant, 358 Harbour, Victoria
Date:  Tuesday October 24th 1995
Time:  Cocktails 11.30 am  Buffet 12.30 pm
Price: $15.50 per person by October 16th 1995
Cheques payable to Air Canada Pionairs
Mail:  c/o Saville Hambleton
1657 Barrett Drive, Sidney, BC, V8L 4Z1

. That's it for this time, please we need your input, comments and email
addresses of any others interested  to
Vesta Stevenson email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Terry Baker     email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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