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Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal. and share your experiences with us!

From the "Horizons" magazine issued October 1976, we have this photo ruthof Ruth Stratton a YVR passenger agent and a founding member of the British Columbia Women in Travel Services. (WITS).
They are a member of the International Federation of Women's Travel

(Does anyone know if this is still a viable   organization - eds)
Our first 70 years.

1947 - March - T.C.A. Aircargo service established.
  • Sep 24th - North Star with Merlin engines and three bladed props approved with increased weight of 80,200 lbs.
  • Sep 26th - Service between YUL and YHZ cancelled.
  • Dec 2nd -  Inauguration of service YUL-YYZ-NAS-KIN-POS
  • Oct 5th -  Cargo Terminal officially opened at Mirabel.
  • Nov 29th - Charter fares introduced to France and Germany.
1977 - Feb 1st -  Charter Class Domestic fares introduced.
1984 - Jun 22nd - Direct flight linking Quebec City and  Paris until  Sept 7th to handle increased traffic due to 450th anniversary of
Jacques Cartier's Discovery Trip from St. Malo, France.
1994 - Mar 31st - ResIII launched
TCA/AC People Gallery
Over the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Gleanings from the "Horizons" magazine
Issue dated October 1976
In November 1976, Personal statements were issued to each employee providing such information as pension and medical benefits.

angieHere we have this photo of Angie Forlini, Personnel Records clerk in Montreal who finds she is eligible for retirement in 2022!

Montreal ACRA Ladies wind up the 1976 softball season and here we have the winners.

acrayulFront row left to right -
Lorraine Cook, Marilyn Bocking, Helen Bain, Pat Poitras,
Lois Cotton.
Back left to right -
Evelyn Ross, Nicolle Garratt, Beverley Cotton, Karin Hock,
Patricia St.Germain, Susan Barber.

cheryleHalifax Flight Attendant Cheryle Cuvelier selects a lobster destined for export.

Issue dated February 1994
Designation to serve Japan has been announced.Service is planned for September from Toronto to Osaka.

Nobody could be happier at the news of our Osaka flights than our
Vancouver people (left to right):

japanSandy Tonello-Greenfield, Flight Attendant; John Bell, First Officer;
Steve Howard, Customer Sales and Service Agent; Donna Salter, Administrative Assistant; Roger Paquette, Employee Records Coordinator; Brenda Sedunow, Customer Sales and Service Agent;
Gabe Gatto, Baggage Agent; Bob Wilson, Customer Sales and Service Agent; Doug Mason, First Officer, Mayumi White, Flight Attendant.

robinsonDavid Robinson, and Eric Dandy present a retirement plaque to Dominic Fiore.

Los Angeles Customer Service AgentMicheline Adams (centre) celebrated her 25 years of service with some of her co-workers.

losangelesLeft to right: Adrienne Everakes, Bethe Sullivan, David Burke, Christine Monette, Audrine Marshall.

Air Canada first cargo facility at Newark was opened December 15th 1993, here we have the staff showing off the plaque.

newarkLeft to right: Eugene Gonsalves, Louis Girard, Al Pierre, Manita Bailey, Frank Cangiaiosi.

patkayAll decked out for Christmas - 1993 style is Pat Kay a Winnipeg Finance Agent.

laguardiaAnd at LaGuardia airport, we have Karen Burglin and Suzanne Cummins.

Alan's Space
Alan Rust
Haiti Earthquake first person Report

(From Greg Landry)
Hi Alan

I would just like to pass on a little experience, to you and your readers, that happened to me last Tuesday, January 12, 2010 .

Even though I retired In 2004 in the capacity of a Certificated Aircraft Technician (LLAT), I still dabble in the business on contract working for a few small airlines around Dorval.

Last Tuesday I was assigned to fly to PAP Haiti with SunWing Airlines just for maintenance support in case something goes wrong down there... (Sunwing puts an AME on board that weekly southern flt, only, as there is a lack of resources at that airport.) We arrived in PAP on time, but off loading was slow as was boarding. AC Flt 681 arrived after us and left before us (luckily for them). Just as we were about to leave, 3 hours late, with the cabin door about to close and everyone strapped in their seats the aircraft shook violently rocking back and forth numerous times for what I felt to be a good 8 to 10 seconds.

I had never felt anything like this in my life (even swinging a 747 landing gear on jacks in the hangar was not half as scary as this) Fortunately the large tires and the oleos on the 737-8 absorbed most of the shock from the tremors which were recorded to be 7.5 on the richter scale. While all this was going on you could see the dust plumes all around us from buildings collapsing, especially on the hill behind the terminal building.

At this point the always well dressed (retro) and reserved passengers began to panic. The flight attendants and pilots did a wonderful job of maintaining calmness and control and assured the passengers the safest place was on the aircraft as the pilots in the cockpit were able to see the terminal building cracking and pieces falling off it. As there was no communication anywhere I took it upon myself to do a detailed inspection of the aircraft especially in the landing gear areas, wings and fuselage and door areas where the air-stairs had been. No damage found and no fuel leaks. Hurrah! The F/O was able to raise DXP and MCC in YYZ on a portable satellite phone which we carry in the cockpit, to inform them of our situation.

After a short while the runway was inspected and fortunately no cracks or fissures were found. We were the first ones to leave with an AA 767 leaving just after us. I thank my lucky stars we got out of there that soon as there was no where to go that was safe!!

These poor people of Haiti have had nothing but misery and bad luck dumped upon them in the last few years .They have experienced everything from anarchy, hurricanes, extreme poverty and now this. I appeal to all our readers and confreres to donate something to a charity of your choice and make sure its targeted for Haiti.

Greg Landry (AME)YUL

NetLetter, ACFamily and Pionair members have been asking how they can help. We have prepared an article on the ACFamily Network to guide those who wish to make a donation through the  proper organizations. The Canadian Government will match your donation as well.


Click on image above to see how you can donate through approved organizations.
Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
Canadian AirwaysOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

We started this in NetLetter nr 1103 and have some more information taken from the final edition of "Expressions" which was the in-house magazine for Nordair issued December 1986 -

Uniforms introduced in 1968 -

uniforms-1From the left: Lisa McLean, Nancy Kelly, Carole Patmore, Andree Leonard.

And uniforms introduced in 1972 -

uniforms-2From the left: Carole Boucher, Nancy Kelly, Paul Gauthier, Diane Theriault.

dc-3A few of the aircraft types operated by Nordair DC-3 at Dorval in 1966

mallardGrumman Mallard at an unknown location.

convairConvair Coronada 990 in 1966 at an unknown location,
(We can assure you this aircraft is NOT a three engined jet - eds).

Here we have a short history of Nordair -1947

norsmanNordair is incorporated as Boreal Airways Limited, operating one
Norseman, a single-engine bush plane equipped with floats in the summer and skis in the winter from a base at St. Felicien, Lac St-Jean, Quebec.


Boreal Airways purchases its second aircraft, a Fairchild Husky.

After merging with Maritime Central Airways Ltd. to form
Boreal Air Services, the company acquires Mont-Laurier Aviation,
thus adding to its regular service the Roberval- Fort Chimo route.
First major move in the carrier's northern expansion.

Boreal Air Services is granted authority to operate a regular service
between Bagotville and Chibougamau, with a stopover at St-Methode,
where a landing strip is built.

The company participates in the establishment of the Mid-Canada Line
and the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line.

Boreal adopts a new corporate identity, Nordair Limited, thus formalizing its dedication to the North. It launches regular service between Montreal, La Tuque, Roberval and Chibougamau.

The head office is transferred to Montreal. The granting of authority to extend Roberval -Fort Chimo service to Montreal in the south and to Frobisher Bay, on Baffin Is land to the north, opens new development prospects for the airline.

Nordair acquires Wheeler Airlines and its Toronto branch, Canadian
Aircraft Renters Ltd., thereby adding Val d'Or and Great Whale
(Poste-de-la-Baleinc) to its existing network.

The company opens the Eastern Passage with regular service to
Resolute Bay, on Cornwallis Island, the  most northerly scheduled
service in the world.

Confined between Quebecair in the East and Transair in the West by the regionalisation of the airline industry established by the CTC policy. Nordair pursues its expansion towards the North and the Arctic.

(More next time - eds)
This n that.

Canadian FlagPat Henderson sends us this information -

I am a  former Flight Attendant (1957-1994) and along with another former Flight Attendant, Marga VandenHogen, and a small group of people, we are dedicated to making Canadians aware that

Most people think it is Canada Day.

We will proceed forward by contacting the heads of organizations  
all over our country -  Government, Unions, Magazines, Media, Business  etc.

This year the eyes of the world will be on Canada during the Olympics in BC and wouldn't is be wonderful to have a sea of Canadian  flags flying all across our nation?

We have dubbed ourselves 'Flag Day Flyers' and hope you will give us  your help and good wishes in our endeavour.

Sincerely Pat Henderson
Readers FeedbackThe information and photos we had in NetLetter nr 1102 sent in by Barry Crawford about experiences at Asbestos Hill caught the attention of Sam Longo who sent us this information -

Hello; My name is Sam Longo and was recently sent your excellent netletter by my Uncle John Longo (Retired after 37 years as head of Technical Training).

I am a writer and licensed AME/A&P and write a column for Air Maintenance Update (AMU) magazine. I also worked for Air Canada as
an Aircraft Mechanic in YYZ from 1978 to 1988 when I left to teach Aircraft Mechanics at Centennial College. My first job as an apprentice was with Nordair in Montreal and also worked in the Arctic. I have recently compiled a book of my columns entitled "A Wrench in the Wings" Life Lessons from an Aircraft Mechanic.

I am now archiving photographs to add to the text and was delighted to view the pictures in your latest NetLetter. I was often the mechanic on board many of those flights to Asbestos Hill on the Lockheed Electra CF-NAX.  Sam Longo
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anthonyAnthony Forbes sent us this message.
Old Pilots: No further comment necessary...
This may be applicable to some?