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Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal. and share your experiences with us!

Referring to the story in NetLetter nr 1104 about the
Vancouver women in Travel, we received this information from
Maureen Otway -

Hi there,

Sadly Ruth Stratton passed away last year. Vancouver women in Travel also was disbanded in 2003.

I was a good friend of Ruth and also a member of the same club.
Maureen Otway

This story I located in the "Between Ourselves" magazine
issued February 1949 -

cfebiThe information is from the TCA Employees Flying Club in Toronto -
A story which tomorrow will be legend in Flying Club circles is that of
Gwynneth McGowan, Secretary to our Operations Manager, Central Region. Since the inception of the Club, Gwynneth has been active member, holding office on the Executive.

Within twenty days Gwynneth struggled through hours of patient dual, the thrill of first solo flights and then to the supreme test before the Department of Transport. Yes sir, just exactly twenty days from first flight until all written and flying tests were completed.

Today she displays with pride her Pilot's License, the only feminine member to obtain one through the Club and certainly the only member to show such persistence in proving to herself and to
others that " you too can dood it". Compliments Gwynneth for a job well done.

The photo shows four graduates.

gwynnethGwynneth McGowen, Clive Holdbrook, Gord Hoopper and Stu Grant.
Air Canada News
Air CanadaRevised Checked Bag Policy now in effect.
The revised checked baggage policy announced December 2, 2009 takes effect for travelers to the U.S. and Europe. The changes more closely align Air Canada's policies with those prevailing among international carriers on transatlantic routes and are more generous than those of U.S. carriers on trans border routes, which charge for all checked bags.

Customers traveling on Air Canada and Jazz-operated flights are now
entitled to one free checked bag for travel to these destinations.
With certain exceptions, a second bag fee will be in effect as follows:
For flights to/from the U.S. (including Hawaii, excluding Puerto Rico):
For flights to/from Europe
CAD/USD $50.

Customers in Canada and the US checking in and paying for bags at or airport kiosks will receive a $5 discount.

Revised Carry-on Baggage Allowance for Flights from Canada to the U.S. Transport Canada has revised carry-on regulations for flights from Canada to the United States (including Puerto Rico) effective today, January 20, 2010 to permit one carry-on bag on flights to the United States, in addition to limited personal items allowed in the cabin.

Full official details at
Our first 70 years.

  • Dec 2nd - Inauguration of service between Montreal and Nassau, Jamaica and Trinidad with North Star equipment.
  • Dec 3rd - Inaugural service between Toronto and Nassau,
    Jamaica and Trinidad with North Star equipment.
  • Apr 29th
    - Inauguration of service between Montreal and Los  Angeles.
    - Inauguration of service between Toronto and Los Angeles.
    - Inauguration of service between Montreal/Toronto and San Francisco.
  • Jun 15th
    - Start of St.John's to London LHR via Gander with L1011 equipment
    - Service Winnipeg and Chicago commenced.
  • Jun 19th - L1011 service Winnipeg-Toronto-Frankfurt.
TCA/AC People Gallery
Over the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Gleanings from the "Horizons" magazine -
Issue dated March 1979 -
A three week course for passenger agents from Europe was held at
Jonquiere, during February. Here are some of the participants -

jonquiereSeated from the left: Shirley Dunn (London), Libuse Ausflugova (Fra),
Kathy McDonald (London), Ann Cunningham, (Prestwick). Standing from the left: Tom Dogett, Joan Lovegrove and John Buchanan all of London, Heidi Lang (Fra), Doug Kinnear (Prestwick)

Issue dated June 1980
The company purchased a 29.3% interest in Guiness Peat Aviation,
an aircraft leasing and financing company in Shannon Ireland.
This gives the company an equal stake together with Aer Lingus and
Guiness Peat.

A selection of photos from the "Report to employees '84"

sylvieSylvie Siegers, Passenger Agent.

cliveClive Turner and Barbara Pike, Passenger Agents.

susanSusan Leong, Passenger Agent.

kenKen Fardy, Lead Station Attendant.

courtneyCourtney Greene, Baggage Agent.

(We have no locations for these - eds)

Musings from "Between Ourselves" magazine.
Issue dated December 1948 -
Seven extra seats are being installed in each of the three DC-3 aircraft to accommodate 28 passengers on the service between YVR-YYJ-SEA. The company is offering "Bermuda Skytours" from Toronto, example cost is ca $239 includes air fare, Bermuda tax, hotel accommodations and transfers for a 7 day tour.

Here we have these three photos from Gander in 1948.

gander-1Lodestar and Lancaster on the ramp.


gander-3CF-TDM a DC-3 on the ramp operating flight 140.

The Ottawa golf season wound up with a stag and dinner
Here are the participants.

golfersSeated left to right: J. W. Singer, J. D. Roberts, Tom Coghlan, Ed Fobert, Bill Wenglar, Max Moore (Red Line Cab Co.). Second Row: Jack Reid, Stew Stocklish, Irv Muir, Wally Kosalle (Credit Manager, B. F. Gooderrich Co.), Ross Kimmerly, George Davidson, Don Graham, Ross Lowry, Bud Messenger, Fred Davies of Colonial Air Lines. Third Row: Skid Skuce (DOT), Bert Olsen, Cal Copeland, Keith Rankin (DOT), Mike Kennedy, Bill Kay,
Len Malloway (Sales Agent, Gilbert and Morrison).

Issue dated January 1949 -
The survey flights to the Caribbean left Toronto on October 25th 1948
returning on November 1st.Servicing to the North Star aircraft was
performed by British South American Airways (BSAA) at Nassau and
Kingston, and British West Indian Airways (BWIA) at Port of Spain.

At the time the largest consignment by air ever to arrive in the Maritimes was 1,285 pounds of "Time" magazines.

These are being off-loaded by Oliver cargohandlersBower and Arris Thibodeau
Cargo Handlers at Moncton.

chickensAnd here we have this photo of Tom Irwin, Cargo Handler and Jim Mayoh Ramp Agent at Malton loading a consignment of chickens for Cuba.

On November 26th 1948, a trans-Atlantic North Star was diverted to Boston to pick-up a consignment of 2,400 pints of frozen milk for the strike bound Cunard White Star vessel "Media".

Here is a photo of the those involved.

milkLeft to right: E. W. Sheehan of H. P. Hood and Sons, Captain R. Welsh,
Stewardess V. Storlie, First Officer E. Norris, Station Manager H. P. McConkey and District Traffic and Sales Manager D. V. Richardson.

T.C.A. Bostonites have a look at a North Star, the first to land at that station.

Left to right: D. Bertora, C. bostonstaffLampman, J. Flynn, M. Frank, K. McMaster, W. Tiebout, D. Richardson, H. Anderson and R. P. McConkey.
Alan's Space
Alan Rust
"Hudson" A320 to be auctioned off
CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Pieces of US Airways Airbus A320 which made a ditched landing in the Hudson River in New York last January are going onto the auction block.

According to, the remains of Flight 1549 are for sale "as is" and the person who buys the parts will have to move them from a warehouse where they are being stored in New Jersey.  Bids can be submitted online and the auction will close on March 27.

Last summer, the parts of the ditched plan were treated with a chemical to prevent corrosion, AVweb reports.

According to, the auction is open to the general public but the plane's parts will not be sold in pieces.

Some passengers who were on the flight have reportedly asked Chartis Aerospace Insurance Services if they can buy commemorative pieces of the plane.  They have been told they must buy all the pieces or nothing at all.

Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles were piloting the plane and made the ditched landing after the plane's engines hit a flock of birds shortly after taking off from LaGuardia Airport.  All the crew members and passengers survived the emergency landing.

Hudson 320

Click on image above to see more salvage photos of the "Hudson" A320
Star Alliance News
Star Alliance(This was also featured in the Pionairs News - January 2010) See:

Traveling through airports got you down? Sick of dealing with the TSA and the new security restrictions?

Remember when flying use to be fun?

The folks at Portuguese airline TAP and the Portuguese Airport Authority tried to put smiles on the faces of weary holiday travelers at the Lisbon airport over the Christmas season. They staged an apparently unannounced dance and music show that seemed to feature real flight attendants and other airline staff.

(Kind of looks like professional dancers to me though)

Lisbon Xmas

Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
Canadian AirwaysOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Here we continue the short history of Nordair started in NetLetter nr 1104...

The information taken from the final edition of "Expressions" which was the in-house magazine for Nordair issued December 1986 -


Nordair moves into the jet era with the purchase of a customized Boeing 737 jet with mixed (passenger/cargo) configuration. Nordair is the first airline in Eastern Canada to develop the inclusive tour concept of vacations to southern destinations such as the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Florida, Mexico and South America.

Nordair inaugurates its jet service in Southern Canada, linking Montreal to Hamilton using its second B-737 jet.

Adds Ottawa to its network and becomes a transborder carrier with a new service to Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Nordair provides essential air service during the construction of the
James Bay hydro electric project, resulting in the timely delivery of
merchandise and equipment, permitting the project to remain on schedule and averting a delay of a year.

otter-1The company adds Windsor to its Ontario routes and inaugurates regular service to James Bay, Val d'Or and Fort George.


Nordair begins service to Matagami and La Grande 2, the airport built by SEBJ for the James Bay hydroelectric project.

dc-8The airline expands its Arctic network with service to Strathcona Sound (Nanisivik), Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay. DC-8 charter service is expanded to Great Britain and some European cities. Treasure Tours, an established tour wholesaler, is acquired.

Nordair adds Quebec City to its existing Northern operations, and sells the turboprop air service to smaller Arctic settlements to Survair, a third level carrier.

The company becomes involved in transporting Moslem pilgrims from
points in North and West Africa to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia (the Hadj).
(Concluding next time - eds)

Perusing the "Info:Cargo" magazine
Issue dated July/August 1993 -

floatThis photo shows the parade float built by employees and covered with 15,000 plastic flowers representing each Canadian employee. The float won awards at the Calgary Stampede, Edmonton Klondike Days and was due to be at the Vancouver Sea Festival.

Cargo employees involved were Tom Kirk (YYC), Terry Wittkopt, Steve Touring, Rene St.Armour, Darcy Martyschuk, Garry Bushnell, Randy Riss all from YEG.
(Sorry no photo was supplied with the article - eds)

This photo was taken of the official launch of the B737 freighter service in YYZ on June 14th.

launchLeft to right: Capt.  Dave Diamond, Steve Taggart and Ted Ranson.

The Calgary maintenance staff at the YYC hangar were awarded a plaque for their outstanding efforts in converting the B737 to a freighter.

mtceyycFrom left to right standing:
Ken Collie, Don Cameron, Ted Ranson, Eric Bjarnason, Bud Lewis, John Wright, John Ross. Foreground left to right: Jack Palombo, Red Orlick, Gerry Theraux.

The YUL Sales and Service staff hosted a riverside dinner for their
customers, here they are.

yulsaleFrom the left:Tony Sammartino, Karola Oates, Klara Ciampini, Ian Maybury, Denise Dubois, Patrick Boivin, Roberto Caruso, Norm Pickering, Robert Trudeau, Mark Sheeler.
Readers Feedback

Murray Wadden sends us this comment regarding Greg Landry's experiences in Haiti as related in NetLetter nr 1104 -

What a twist of fate! To be able to get in and out safely and remain with only a life long experience of- We almost did not make it!

Greg Landry- if you like to visit the Maritimes and are prone to an evening of Beer and Lobster on a Beach, perhaps , not as warm as those of HAITI?   my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.-

PS- I was DM Jamaica when my buddy was DM Haiti back in the mid 80's; we shared many stories of the facilities and conveniences of our resident countries; Jamaica being head and shoulders over the Societal Norms of Haiti!- Let us pray that the Tragedy of today leads to an improvement in the lives of Haiti's Survivors!

Jean Cadorel sends this information referring to NetLetter nr 1103 -
Your mention of the Cubana crews training got me going on the right foot today.  It was an interesting part of my time in Flight Ops and I have many good souvenirs of that period. 

Here are 2 photographs : one is our DC8 painted in Cubana colours,
the other shows Capt Vern Ehman, instructor and Cubana S/O Ernesto Machin (who was on board the DC8 that went down in the sea near Barbados, victim of a bomb placed on-board by anti-castro cubans who left the airplane in Bridgetown).


These were taken in spring 1976.
Best regards,
Jean Cadorel, retd capt

H.Allen McKenzie has sent us this memory of his career prompted by the photo in NetLetter nr 1103

My name is Allen McKenzie, I live in Wellington, N.S. very near the YHZ airport. My old friend Bob Boudreau and I met at his brother
Roger's funeral a few weeks ago. Bob and I were neighbours in Dog Patch, Lakeburn - which was a War Time Housing Project adjacent to Moncton (YQM) airport. Bob is responsible for reconnecting me to your site.  
(Thanks Bob.)

My father, Hec McKenzie, Stn. Mgr., is included in the opening
picture.  The event, as I remember it may have been held at a Farewell Dinner for one of the men pictured in the group. I do remember the copper salmon symbols, because I used to have one around the house. Most of the men at YQM were great fishermen who got to the Miramichi River whenever they could.
Does anybody remember exactly what the salmon awards were

I lived at a Canadian Airways base in God's Lake, Man. (1937) for
a year or so until Dad got transferred to North Bay as radio operator.
He was then posted to Moncton and finally to Shearwater/ Halifax.

Last year I took a great many Canadian Airways and T.C.A.
memorabilia and pictures to the Halifax Airport Aviation Museum.
Included in that delivery were the original pictures taken by Bob Brooks (photographer) for the "Star Weekly Magazine" showing the move from Shearwater Naval Air Station (YAW) to what was then known as the Kelly Lake Airport  (C 1960).
I retired in May 1995 with 35 years of service.

Regards, H.Allen McKenzie  #62364R

Bob Osterman sheds some more light on the photo we published in
NetLetter nr 1101,
Hi, to clarify the Aircraft is an A310, this is one of the 4 purchased by
Canadian when it bought Wardair. These 4 aircraft were first converted to Canadian colours, and when the first confect in Kuwait was over these 4 aircraft were leased to Kuwait. On conclusion of the lease these Aircraft were then sold to the Canadian Government and they now form the basis of the fleet at Trenton.

These units have had many conversions from passenger to cargo and
combi, plus one unit is still utilized by the Canadian Prime Minister.
Bob Osterman  1999 Retiree Canadi>n/Air Canada
(Manager, System Business Audit) YVR.
Terry's Trivia & Travel Tips
Terry Baker Here is the fifth installment of the Eastern Mediterranean Cruise October 22nd to Nov 3rd 2009. Our cruise was with Oceania Cruise Lines on the MS Insignia. started in NetLetter nr 1099
Friday October 30th.

MS InsigniaWhile having breakfast, as the ship was docking, we could see a shoal of small fish leaping about, probably disturbed by the propellers, and the gulls were having a feast.

Today we visit Dubrovnik. This visit will fulfill my dream, back in the 70's, where there were interline tours by the airlines, we had booked for a tour of Yugoslavia with J.A.T. which included a tour of Split and Dubrovnik and confirmed space. Unfortunately, our tickets, which had been mailed to us in YUL, did not turn up until after the tour date, we did get a refund, but that was no compensation for missing the tour.

cavtatSo here we are, and we were not disappointed.

First of all our coach took us to a small fishing village of Cavtat, a delightful place to visit. We walked along the quay and noticed how clear the water was, our guide told us that Jacques Cousteau had declared this part of the sea was the purist in the world.

dubrovnikAnd now to Dubrovnik. We entered by the main gate. In one of the
monasteries the guide pointed out that the tops of the columns were all different as the builders were allowed to design their own.

Our guide told us that 70% of the building had been damaged during the 1991/2 bombardment, but the buildings had all been restored.
In one of the monasteries, there was a painting by a local artist of the old town many years ago and that was used to complete the restoration.

Saturday October 30th
Today the temperature was down to 57F, cool but the sun appeared later in the day, for our visit to Ancona. In Italy.

anconaWe dock in a busy port with ferries loading and a large fishing fleet.

Our coach tour took us to a village about 30 minutes away, passing through delightful countryside and secluded beaches.

strawberrytreeOur coach stopped in a small square next to the church and our guide pointed out a strawberry tree. We had never heard of a strawberry tree. We were told that to eat one of the berries was OK, but more would cause constipation. The strawberries are used to make marmalade, and the guide took us to a store to inquire, and we bought the last jar for €5.50  There was a funeral service at the church and the bells were ringing out. We were told the sound was a recording.

There was quite a crowd of mourners and we mentioned this to the guide assuming the person was famous or well known. The guide said that in a small village everyone is known.

We returned to Ancona and visited the cathedral and a walk around the town before heading back to the ship.

Sunday November 1st
Temperature is 59F partly cloudy. The currency is Croatian Kuna.
Euros are accepted but the change is probably in Kuna which the cruise line will not exchange nor sell. Although Croatia has applied to the European Union for acceptance, they have been refused until their economy improves, and the unemployment figure of 20% is reduced. Original photo ID is required to be carried while on shore..

Next stop was Rovinj in Croatia  We are tendered to the quay to get our coach and drive off for a visit to Puly about 30 minutes away. Our guide leads us around the town to the Roman arena and what a fascinating place. .

We got to enter the arena and view the ruins around us. We learn that the word arena means covered in sand, this is to soak up the blood etc during the battles between gladiators and animals. We also got to get below the arena where the animals and gladiators waited for their contests.

There was now a small museum there with many ancient clay vessels
which had been recovered locally during excavations. In the town, the
structures are a mixture of  Venation and Roman. The Italian dictator
Mussolini, Il Duce, was very interested in Roman ruins and had visited the town and had many buildings built. Those he had built were easily located as all had a small balcony in the centre especially for him to receive the accolades of the residents. One does recall the photographs of him in Rome waving to his followers during his hey-day.

Rovinj is a fishing town, the main product being sardines. Back on board, there was another Canadian get together organized, this
time there were about 10 people. It seems the other Canadian contingent were a party organized from Toronto and met separately.

We have been provided with our disembarkation instructions and labels. We are with the final group to get off at 09:00. Breakfast will start at 04:00 as some passengers have very early flights.
(Final will be another time - eds)

mathiasWe have this cartoon by Dave Mathias printed in "Horizons" dated June 1980.