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'An Insider's Story of the Rise & Fall of Canadian Airlines' by Sid Fattedad
Sid Fattedad started his career with CP Air in 1968 and worked his way up through the accounting department to become CFO. When CP was taken over by PWA he was appointed VP of the Pacific Division, the most profitable division in the company.

Eventually he became VP of Quality Control for CAIL before retiring in 1992. It wasn't long though before he heard of a possible merger with Air Canada and came out of retirement to Chair the CCAE (a group of airline employees attempting to buy the company and stop the merger). As we all know it failed and finally CAIL merged with Air Canada.

Sid went on to a second career before retiring for good. Feeling the story of what actually happened during those turbulent times at CAIL he always said he would one day write a book and that day has finally come. His aim in writing the book is to get as many people as possible discussing those days and to fill in the blanks and question marks that have always remained in many people's minds. Sid's book costs $29.95 plus $2 GST and is published by Warfleet To order a copy please send an email to the publisher: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extracted from the "PWA Flightlines" magazine - Issue dated June 1986

thumb pwa john spronkCapt. John Spronk has a glass of champagne after completing his last flight before retirement from Pacific Western Airlines. Wishing him the best are his fellow pilots (from left) Capt. Roy Reaville, First Officer Colin Egan, and First Officer Gavin Brown.


Captain Mike Halicki celebrates his retirement thumb pwa mike halickiflight at the end of May with his wife Vi, a former Pacific Western Flight Attendant and the many who met the arrival of his last flight. YWG Flight Attendant Denise Schilke is about to offer her congratulations as well.



Issue dated January 1987 -
Quebecair Takeover Approved
The takeover of Quebecair by Nordair-Metro was approved January 15, 1987 by the Canadian Transport Commission. The commission received requests from at least 50 Quebec communities, organizations and individuals opposed to the takeover. They wanted public hearings to voice their objections to the takeover because of fears it was causing poor service to many areas of the province.
Nordair-Metro is a subsidiary of Nordair, a regional airline bought by Canadian Pacific Air Lines, which has since been bought by Pacific Western Airlines.

thumb pwa heather jacksonHeather Jackson, Inflight, YXD fills glasses with ice in the back galley in preparation for serving passengers. Photo by Brad Shannon YVR Commissary.

As of February 1, 1987 there was a slightly different look at ticket counters
and on aircraft throughout Pacific Western's system. Customer Service Agents and Flight Attendants were sporting brand new uniform shirts, blouses, ties and scarves. (There were no photos available - eds)

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