Air Canada teens can travel abroad-apply today for Summer 2015.
Do you want your child to travel abroad, learn about a new culture, further their foreign language skills, and have the experience of a life time? Teens of airline families can make this dream a reality with the help of International Youth Exchange (IYE), an innovative program that has matched more than 5000 teens during the past 20 years To learn more about IYE, visit 

If you are travelling standby on a flight and don’t get on, gate agents will confirm with employees before transferring their names to the next flight. Ensure you are available at the gate to confirm your preference as the system does not automatically transfer the standby list.

More about my secondment work in Antigua started in NetLetter nr 1318 -
While I was in Antigua, a team of UK engineers arrived to do spar changes on the HS148's which were suffering from salt damage and fatigue due to the high number of landings the aircraft were doing. I finally got some things going to keep this group occupied during their off duty hours, such as bowling at the US base, games of darts, cricket, soccer, golf and windjammer cruises - all good fun! Of course the guys enjoyed it best when the Yacht week was held, and most of the girls went topless.

I did manage to get my family down there for a week while I was there - all paid for!

I would return to Montreal at each months end on a Friday returning Monday, and, naturally, only travelled with a briefcase - such fun when the customs officer would ask me how long I had been in Antigua, 'One month' I would reply, 'then sir your suitcase will be on the carrousel'. I would argue black was blue sometimes before convincing them that I had all my possessions in my briefcase.

Finally - I do recall on my last trip through Toronto, I was taking some give-aways for the staff and my ticket was not available at the BWIA desk. I made a phone call back to my office in YUL and got it sorted out just as I heard the final call for the flight, I grabbed my briefcase which, unfortunately, was unlocked and spilled everything onto the floor, some of the give-aways were AC mail openers and these went skittering across the concourse - such an embarrassment gathering this stuff up and people knowing I was going on an aircraft with such lethal looking items!

When I finally got to the check-in desk I was handed a first class boarding pass and the agent had a smirk on his face.

The conclusion is in NetLetter nr 1320 – eds)

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