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1972 - April 30th - TimeAir timetable cover. (Pictured)

1987 - April 26th – Start up of Canadian International Airlines.
Pass interchangeability between Pacific Western and Air Canada was discontinued.

1990 – April 29th – Service between Quebec City and Toronto discontinued.

Found in the "Info Canadia>n" magazine

Issue dated March 1987.
All PWA and CPAL flights were integrated into the Pegasus reservation system on April 26th to complete the PW switch over from Reservec. In conjunction with this exercise, 800 MDAHL 5860 and IBM 3090 computers were purchased

Issue dated September 1988

tmb cpa syd yvr inaugPassengers boarding the inaugural third weekly service between Sydney and Vancouver on Aug. 9th got a royal send off from staffers who went to the airport for the occasion. Among them, from left, Donna McKenzie, sales secretary and receptionist; Michael Schey,sales representative; Terry Lee, senior sales rep, commercial development; Margaret Hill, secretary to the general manager; and Antonia Stephenson, passenger agent, city ticket office. 

Issue dated February 1990 - Mel Crothers penned this article

The northern runway is barely visible through the ice fog and blowing snow as Flight 414, Aircraft 752 with Captain Andre Grenier at the controls descends through 800 feet on final approach.
At the tiny airport terminal, a Canadian North ramp crew unloads the cargo; working in the minus 44C weather might bean exceptional hardship in other parts of the world, but for this crew in this northern community its just another day on the job.

tmb cpa canadian northEarly explorers called this settlement "Great Whale'' after the river on whose banks it nestles on the shore of Hudsons Bay, but it is known by two other names. The Cree call it Whapmagoostui and the lnuit call it Kuujjarapik, which is the formal name now adopted by the community. Located 700 miles north of Montreal with no road access, Kuujjarapik depends on Canadian North as its vital link to the outside world.
Dressed for another day in the North is, from left, Elijah Shem, Dillon Salt and Mike Shields.


tmb cpa kuujjarapik teamThe Kuuijarapik team was a regional winner in the Guaranteed Air Cargo Contest. The Canadian North crew includes, from left, Mike Shields, Bernard Binette, EIijah Shem, and Bob McCabe

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