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T.A.Thususka refers to Wayne's Wings query in NetLetter #1326 - 

The L1011 on the Papal flight September 20, 1984.
Fin # 555. Flight from YOW to CIA, Rome's military airport. There were actually 2 L1011 - 500 aircraft configured for the return. Second parked behind the first with both aircraft receiving same amenities and security treatment in the event that problems were found readying 555 for flight.

Fin 555 first class section had a king size bed replacing all seats except for 2 seats 1 A and B if I recall correctly. A second crew readied A/C # 2 with identical route flight plan input and I assume it was fueled and readied as was the actual aircraft. (Fin 555).

PS. At the end of the flight each crew member had a private visit with His Holiness using 1A and B for this..
Photos were taken and sent to each crew members home, front and back end crews. It was over an hour before the Pope left the aircraft following arrival and this Papal honor.

Attached are 2 pics taken by me from Flight Deck, the second pic shows the helicopter he boarded for parts unknown.

Captain T. A. Thususka (Retired)

 tmb pope 01  tmb pope 02

Wayne responded to Captain Thususka

Thank you very much for the clarification. I thought it was "Triple Nickel" but I could not be sure. I delivered the new wheel assemblies to maintenance in the hangar that night and climbed the stairs to have a quick look at the first class section. Certainly something that would never be permitted today.