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I am just beginning my research into the history of the Boeing 737 fleet among the several airlines that are now a part of Air Canada. Clearly this could take a while and provide material across several upcoming NetLetter issues.

One particular aircraft certainly deserves to be featured. I first learned of this aircraft’s history through my colleague in YVR Stores, Michael Feldmann. Like Fin 745 “Mikey” began his career with Pacific Western Airlines and is a native of Edmonton (go Oilers). He made a trip to Edmonton specifically to visit this old friend and take a few pictures when he heard that its fate was undetermined during the summer of 2013.

Boeing Line #556 was originally delivered to PWA on February 28, 1979 and given Fin #745. It was transferred to Canadian Airlines International in April 1987 and remained in service until the merger with Air Canada in 2001 when it was renumbered Fin #545 to avoid duplication with AC’s DC-9 fleet.

As Fin #545 it then served in the AC Tango fleet until retired in April 2003 and stored at YEG. Air Canada donated the aircraft to the Alberta Aviation Museum at YXD and restored it to the original PWA livery and Fin #745. Its preservation was threatened with the closure of the Edmonton Municipal Airport (YXD) in 2013 when a group of volunteers from Canadian North Airlines & PWA alumni worked around the clock to make the aircraft airworthy for one more flight to Villeneuve Airport in Sturgeon County, Alberta.

Their efforts were successful and the thirteen minute flight took place on November 29, 2013 with only volunteer pilots Mike Wilson and Tim Seehagel on board. Sadly, I discovered during my research that the aircraft was vandalized in August 2014, shame on those who would disturb such a wonderful piece of Canadain aviation history.

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