Gretchen Dawson refers to "Women in Aviation" in NetLetter nr 1331 and shares this memory -

The article submitted about our dear Annette (Brunelle) Donovan  reminded me of the time I was welcomed inter her home (in Toronto) in January, 1978. It was  to bring the gals (former stews), I knew and others I had found living in Toronto area, to meet with me and learn about the desire and need for help and to start up an Association of all former Flight Attendants from TCA days!

She was a very special "friend" in my life and a most keen supporter of the creation, over the next couple of years, of Canadian Maple Wings Association.

Annette graduated off the first stewardess course in March 1939, that Lucile Garner Grant ran out of the terminal building in Winnipeg, which until recently housed the "Royal" Western Canada Aviation Museum, and our refurbished L10A (CF-TCC) rests - when she's not at air shows - in that hanger portion.

That very aircraft (CF-TCC), Annette worked on in 1939 and for a couple more years. She also did a flight leg on CF-TCC, in the 1986 "Sentimental Journey" celebrating Air Canada's 50th Anniversary on our (CMWA's) 6th Anniversary. She passed away quite a few years ago - but was an avid member of Canadian Maple Wings Association for many early years.

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