We wish all our faithful NetLetter subdcribers all the best for 2016. We are SO looking forward to 2016 for many reasons. One of our New Years resolutions is to send the NetLetter out on time. So this should be the last issue that is sent out late. We plan to keep to our schedule and issue the newsletter every second week of the month on (or near) the 15th and the 30th.

Wayne Albertson, our newest NetLetter Staff member, has now officially retired so will have more time (that's what he thinks anyhow) to assist with all the websites we currently administrate, maintain or operate. For those who are unaware, Wayne and myself currently administer nearly 100 web sites. The ACFamily Network (which produces this NetLetter) is undergoing a very major facelift which is long overdue, so we are putting a lot of time, effort and funds into this and are very anxious to "get going" on it. We will inform you of our progress as we move forward from this spot in the NetLetter.

We hope you enjoy this, our first issue for 2016.

Alan Rust
Part of the NetLetter Team

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