Following the photo of CF-TCC in NetLetter nr 1333, Jim Bruce has sent us more photos of CF-TCC at Air Canada, Maintenance & Overhaul Base, Dorval 1962.

They’re all from the M&O Base at Dorval (inside and outside the huge hangar) and tie in with Alan Hunt being in charge of the restoration of the Lockheed 10A CF-TCC. Interesting to note that he rudder pedals shown in the instrument panel photo are labeled Cessna! tmb cf tcc 1

The ship looks so small in this vast hangar used to housing DC-8s, Super Connies, and Vanguards. In the view from behind TCC looking towards the open door, you can see a Vanguard tail in he background. In the exterior shot of TCC, the a/c in the background is of course a DC-8 both in front of the hangar.

 tmb cf tcc 2  tmb cf tcc 3
 tmb cf tcc 4  tmb cf tcc 5

tmb first uniform 1336Brian Losito has sent us some photos from the TCA/Air Canada archives. Here is a photo of the early TCA stewardess uniform.

Ken Starnes sent us a copy of the booklet Air Canada Maintenance Base at Dorval, and here we have a photo from it.

tmb booklet pageCaption was "To ensure maintenance of the highest possible standards, technical personnel employed in the hangars and various shops ore given extensive and continuing classroom and on-the-job training." 

Starting from the left: Del Bougeois, Instructor; with Bob Cofell, Bud Sansom, Bud Clinch JR, and Urbino Francisco. I believe they were all junior CAT 1 Mechanics at the time, I knew all these people.

Ken Starnes

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