Changes are coming!

The NetLetter has been growing steadily over the past few years and your NetLetter team has been making many changes. Some changes are behind the scenes technical "stuff" and not readily noticeable and some were more obvious. As we've grown (as evident in this NetLetter) we've been asked to publicize events, books, membership drives, etc. from other organizations. We are happy to do this, but it does take away from the content that is the NetLetter's intent for its subscribers, which is historical Canadian Aviation related stories photos and videos, especially in regard to TCA, Air Canada, CPAir, PWA, Wardair, CAI, etc. - snapshots of days gone by.

To get back to our roots, so to speak, here are some changes that are presently in the works;

  1. New Newsletter - The introduction of a second newsletter called the ACFN News that we plan to send out the first and third weekends of each month. This will hopefully be launched in March 2016.

  2. Content Adjustment - The NetLetter will drop some content in order to have a smaller footprint and will also make use of "ReadMore" links for larger articles that may only be of interest to a smaller portion of our readers. Most of the dropped content will still be available in the ACFN News under a separate subscription.

  3. Feedback and Submission Links - We will be implementing a special link where readers can submit photos, links, articles, etc. in order to make it easier for you to submit material to us for possible publishing.

  4. Integration with the ACFN - The NetLetter will become fully integrated with the ACFamily Network and placed under its umbrella, this will save some resources and allow us to have future newsletters under one roof where subscribers can choose which newsletters they would like to receive.

  5. Scaleability Improved - Since we have now converted our servers and websites to be Cloud Based and fully scaleable, we can now expand without any limitations. We presently have 4,688 subscribers for the NetLetter. We would like to double that and have at least 10,000. With the upgrade we can take on as many members as we'd like now.

  6. Donation Campaign - We will be launching another Donation Campaign (the last one was in 2010) to support the expansion of the NetLetter, the ACFN Archives, the ACFN Photo Gallery and a special "Obituary and In Memoriam" area to honor those past airline employees that contributed to Canadian Aviation. (more details to come).

  7. The ACFamily Network is presently undergoing a major expansion and we are in the process of developing closer relationships with many other Canadian Aviation related Organizations in order to further enhance and promote the preservation of Canadian Aviation History. Some of the organizations we are presently working with (or would like to work with) are; Air Canada, Canadian Aviation Historical Society, Air Canada Pionairs, Air Canada Recreation Association, Project North Star, Retired Airline Pilots of Canada, Canadian Maple Wings, Quarter Century in Aviation Club and there are many more. The details of how we can work together with these organizations is still being determined and will be announced when completed.


Alan Rust, Terry Baker, Wayne Albertson
Your ACFamily Network & NetLetter Team

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