tmb 1949 Uniform 1337Brian Losito has sent us some photos from the TCA/Air Canada archives.

Here is the original photo of six stewardesses on the North Star tail CF-TFE fin #205 first appeared in "Between Ourselves" issued October 1949 and in NetLetter nr 1288 issue January 2014.

The names are from the left: Jean Thompson, Olga Zawaski, Vickie Stewart, Thelma Moore, Mona Gaugh and Margarite Renaud.

Robert Arnold has sent two more photos showing a Merlin engine overhaul at Winnipeg, circa 1957.

Any help from your readers with staff identification would be greatly appreciated. I feel the second photo might have been staged for some reason.

Robert Arnold

tmb ywg shop photo tmb ywg shop photo 1

Robert Arnold has sent us three more photos from his collection -

tmb tca photo 9353I included three photos which I came across in the collection that could use some identifying. To me it appears the chaps are working in the fuel management and testing department.

Who are these young fellows and what are they actually doing. My guess is fuel sampling. Of course, any help from you fine readers is always gratefully appreciated.

 tmb tca photo 9355  tmb tca photo 9356

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