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Although the Boeing 727 has been very successful, its service as a passenger aircraft has been relatively short lived. As a medium range aircraft it may have been too large for domestic routes and too small for international routes. However, they have a long history of service as cargo aircraft that continues today.

CP Air operated four B727-100’s from 1970 to 1977 and two -200’s from 1975 to 1984. We suggest that you visit an excellent site administered by former CP Air employees, cpair.blogspot.ca, for a more detailed history. tmb cf cpn 6

Following is my research on the fate of the six aircraft that flew in CP Air livery with the original delivery dates and last known registration. 

  • CF-CPN (pictured) – March 11, 1970 – VP-BPZ. Private jet of Peter Nygård, a Finnish-Canadian business man. View at Planespotters.net

  • CF-CPK – April 20, 1970 – HC-BLV for TAME Linea Aerea del Ecuador and stored at Latacunga in 2004.

  • CF-CUR – March 3, 1971 – N311AG. Registered to Gordon Getty of the Getty family since December 17, 2001. Also was a part of the Executive Air Fleet of Revlon as N767RV from 1978 to 1986. View at Planespotters.net

  • CF-CUS – April 26, 1971 – N327JL for Command Credit Corporation of Miami. Broken up in July 1998
  • C-GCPA – April 1, 1975 – 5NRKY. Operated by Allied Air of Nigeria, currently withdrawn from use.

  • C-CGPB – April 8, 1975 – 5N-JNR - Operated by Allied Air of Nigeria, currently withdrawn from use.

(Source: RZJets.net)
Special thanks to Gary Vincent for allowing us to use his image of CF-CPN. View more of his collection at Airliners.net