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GoFundMe Campaign (Gimli Glider Project)

Gimli Glider - 604This just commenced “gofundme” campaign is the latest fundraising effort for The Gimli Glider Project Team and is intended to complete the first phase of setting up the actual museum facility in Gimli, MB with exhibits based on the many Fin 604 parts already obtained from Mojave MHV and on other relevant donated artifacts.

The campaign is being run by Steve Bannister the co-chair of the project team in Gimli, MB. As my previous Netletter updates indicated, this is the project team with whom I have been volunteering my time to help secure (among the many parts already obtained from Mojave MHV and made into display items for phase one), Fin 604’s front fuselage / cockpit section for second-phase display at the Gimli Glider Museum’s facility, but all contingent on this first phase fund raising being successful.

Tony Walsh
AC Retired – Mgr - Airport Operations Services
Western North America & Pacific rim

GoFundMeTo find out more about this project or to donate please visit:

(Note: a possible webpage and more news regarding this project will be in future issues of the NetLetter)