Terry Baker

GTAA policy change – Airport Improvement Fees (AIF) to be charged for employee travel departing or connecting through Toronto.

The GTAA has informed all airlines operating at Toronto Pearson Airport that they must collect and remit Airport Improvement Fees (AIF) from employees travelling for leisure who are departing from or connecting through Toronto beginning March 1, 2016.

This brings Toronto Airport in line with all other Canadian cities who currently charge these AIF to travelling airline employees. The fees of $25.00 (plus $3.25 HST) for flights departing Toronto and $4.00 (plus $0.52 HST) for flights connecting through Toronto, match the fees charged to the public, and are the same for all airline employees in Canada and around the world who operate in and out of the airport. The fees apply to anyone travelling on an employee pass including travel partners and parents.

While this is disappointing for employees, Air Canada is contractually required to collect and remit the fees to the GTAA.

The new fees will be applied to all travel that takes place beginning March 1, whether the travel was booked in advance of that date or not, and will be automatically collected along with the usual travel charges once travel has been completed.

The Employee Travel Site will be updated to reflect the new fees as of March 1st.

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