In the Netletter #1338 March 13,2016 you are mentioning Aircraft Maintenance Retirement Party (including photos).

The Superintendent DC-9 O/Haul is written as Jim Ruddock. It should be Jim Riddoch.

Jiri George Koristka

Betty Draper sent us this cutting from the "Winnipeg Free Press" newspaper July 14th 1965.

Experts agree :Strong Force" split CPA CF-CUQ DC-6B airliner apart.

Exploding acid mixed in a lavatory was a strong possibility as the cause of the crash 20 miles west of 100 Mile House, BC on July 8th 1965. One of the passengers was an unemployed Surrey man who was bound for Prince George looking for employment. He was one of two passengers had recently taken out an insurance policy for $125,000.

Canadian Pacific Flight 21 was a domestic flight from Vancouver (YVR) to Whitehorse (YXY) via Prince George (YXS), Fort St . John (YXJ), Fort Nelson (YYE) and Watson Lake (YQH). At 14:42, the DC-6 "Empress of City of Buenos Aires" took off on an instrument flight plan for Prince George, via Victor 300 and Blue 22 airways.

Enroute, at 15:29 the crew reported to Vancouver ATC Centre that they had passed Ashcroft at 16,000 feet. They were estimating William Lake at 15:48. At 15:38 hours, Vancouver Centre called Flight 21 and did not receive a reply. About two minutes later, three "Mayday" calls were heard by Vancouver Centre. An explosion had occurred in the left aft lavatory. Smoke trailed the aircraft and the tail separated from the fuselage. The main portion of the wreckage assumed a nose down attitude and spiralled to the left until it crashed into a wooded area.
A stone cairn & bronze plaque unveiled August 31st 2013 at 100 Mile House, BC.

 tmb cpa flt 21 memorial  tmb cpa flt 21 memorial 1

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