Betty Draper sent this information -

In a news article dated January 15th, 1929 it was reported that Howard Ingram, an instructor at the Moose Jaw Flying Club had been floating the idea of a Dominion Commercial Pilots' Association.

Feelers had been sent out to various clubs around Canada with a view to the early organization of such an association. With the favourable responses, it was hoped that the association would be formed in Toronto during January.

tmb virgin supersonicRichard Branson’s Virgin empire is now involved with a Silicon Valley-backed start up that wants to develop a small supersonic airliner. Branson, who once offered to buy British Airways’ fleet of Concorde’s before they were retired, is working with Boom Technology on plans for a 40-seat aircraft that could cruise at Mach 2.2 for the same ticket price as subsonic business class.

(Source ATW Mar 25/16)

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