Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter Since 1995

Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

tmb 1955 nov 13431955 - Nov 1st - U.S. edition of Trans-Canada Air Lines timetable. (Pictured)

1967-Aug 22nd - Daily DC-8 Montreal-Toronto-Los Angeles service inaugurated, originally scheduled for July 5th but delayed due late delivery of aircraft.

Found in the "Horizons" magazine issue March 2008 (used with permission)

tmb oasis emblemOASIS maintenance project launched.

OASIS will impact employees from all areas of Air Canada Maintenance & Engineering, Information Technology, Finance and System Operation Control, or about 1,800 employees in total.

Clearly, this means significant changes in operations and management.


tmb oasis project leadersHere is a photo of the Project Leaders from the left: Steve Bogie, Program Director: Dominique Laverdiere, Project Control Manager; Alan Butterfield, Air Canada Maintenance and Engineering.

tmb oasis project teamThis is a photo of the OASIS Project kick-off team January 2008. Unfortunately, the identities are under a cloud of secrecy – (Anyone care to identify anyone? - eds)

Issue dated March 1980

tmb broadbent charter crewDuring his 1979 Federal campaign, Ed Broadbent chartered an aircraft with the following crew who are shown in this photo taken at Dorval. From the left: Supervisory Captain Al Henderson, Lucille Broadbent; Supervisory Captain Ejan Jensen; Louise Hainhault, Flight Attendant; Ed Broadbent; Sheila Moore, Flight Attendant; Deris Langlois, Purser and Charlie Brown, Operations Coordinator for the charter.

tmb joe lorirmerSome 65 retirees turned out for the first luncheon held at the Decarie Ramada Inn by the Montreal district of the Pionairs.

Organized by District Director Evelyn Desjardins, the successful event welcomed national President Joe Lorimer and Toronto District Director Nancy Walchuk.


tmb evelyn desjardinsThe photo above has Joe Lorimer sharing a joke with two unknown retirees during the luncheon, and the photo at left has Evelyn Desjardins having a chat with four other unknown retirees during the luncheon.

(Perhaps someone would care to identify the unknown people - eds)


Bert Laing, Cargo Sales Representative Los Angeles, spied an item in the Los Angeles Times which he says represents something he has always "dreamed" of doing. It seems that, while travelling from Edmonton to Tucson, a Los Angeles pole vaulter, Ralph Haynie, was forced to switch from Air Canada to Pacific Southern Airlines. Unfortunately for Haynie, PSA did not have a baggage compartment large enough to hold his poles. No problem. The airline merely sawed the poles in half.