Geoff Hayes sent us this message -

tmb ac timetable 1963I came across this TCA/AC Timetable dated Feb 1963.

It had a lot of interesting information in it such as "Code Sharing" with BOAC, Route Map and Fares etc. For your consideration should you think it may be of interest to the Pionairs.

Cheers, Geoff.

Norman Hogwood and Janet Walsh were copied on the original e-mail and Norman shares this memory -

The mention of code sharing has resonated with me and I’m now wondering if it is as modern as we think. When I was staying with Janet and Tony Walsh in 2011, I had an interesting “scrap” with Janet over bus services in Kent. Janet worked in Tenterden for the Maidstone & District Bus Services Ltd based in Maidstone, while I was a very keen fan of the smaller East Kent Bus Services based in my home town of Ashford. It was daggers drawn between the two companies except on the hourly run between Maidstone-Ashford-Folkestone and return.

The service number was 10 on both companies which did the run every alternate hour on the hour. One could use one’s return ticket on either carrier so therefore the route was operated on a real code share basis. I wonder if any other bus or rail companies had those arrangements all those years ago?

Cheers. Norm

And this from Janet -

Norm, I remember our "Scrap". being a Tenterden Girl rather than from Ashford, over Maidstone & District (Green and Gold colours) and East Kent Bus Services (but was it really called that???? Red and cream????), my memory is a little dim at this point.
However I do also remember very favorably the TCA Timetable shown - I was actually working directly for the Advertising Boss when we changed from TCA to Air Canada so I have very strong fond memories of the Logos etc. Later in my career, before children I spent three years working in the Timetable Production Department with a fellow named Derek Barnett - British and what a character - Tony and I were only speaking of him the other night.

Thanks for the memory... Janet

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