Found in the “Canadi>n Contact" magazine issued August 1989

The Accessories Shop Task Force,

tmb cpa accessory shopFrom left: Earl Cleven, sub-foreman (group leader), Trond Aareskjold, mechanic (hydraulics); Al Barton, mechanic (electrical); Laurie Taylor, shop technician; Ron Douglas, mechanic (pneumatics); Oddie Halseth, (Stores); Andy Burns, Engineering; Wendy Moon, Purchasing.

Unavailable for photo: Mike Graves, Production Planning; Alex Robinson, mechanic (C.S.D.'s) and Phil Doyle, supervisor, Accessory Shop

The Brake Shop Task Force

tmb cpr brake shopBack from left, Terry Mackay, consultant; Pasquale Borsa, Maintenance Administration; Al Watson, Wheel & Brake Shop; Dan Hink, Engineering (group leader); and John Seckel, Ground Support Engineering.

Front, Jim Ternan, Component Cleaning, Len Ammerlaan, Production Planning; Wendy Moon, Purchasing, and Reg Hogg, Wheel & Brake Shop.

Unavailable, Gules Lakatos, NDT; Mickey McGuire and Brian Olson, Wheel & Brake Shop

 Issue dated October 1989
Aircraft Fin #909 which suffered an electrical fire whilst at  Amsterdam and, after repair, was re-introduced to the line in July, was sold to Polaris Aircraft Leasing Corp of San Francisco on September 30th. The DC-10 will be going to Aeromexico.

On November 30th, two aircraft, Fin #701 and #702, which were acquired new by Nordair in 1968/9, were also sold to Polaris. They were going to French airlines TAT and Air Inter.

 Issue dated May 1990

Something different! An engine change in Prince Rupert.

tmb cpa rupert eng chgOn April 3rd, aircraft Fin# 746 required the no. 2 engine to be replaced as it had stalled out during a power check. The flight was under the command of Captain Ralph Howey with First Officer Dave Boyd. Here we have this photo of the crew involved with the change -

From left: Ernie Roger, avionics technician; Dave Russell, Aircraft mechanic; Kirk Barnes, aircraft mechanic (on the engine); Terry Holmes, aircraft mechanic; Ken Atkins, air engineer; Dennis Andrews, aircraft mechanic (back); Vince Fukuyama, maintenance specialist; Herb Pond, airport services manager, Prince Rupert; Dave Boyd, First officer; and Ralph Howey, Captain.

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