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Alan RustKenn Borek rescue mission a success

(Submitted by: Barry Crawford)

"The reason I am emailing is to ask if the NetLetter will have something on the Canadian pilots who flew with Kenn Borek Air (Twin Otter) to the South Pole to rescue 2 people for medical reasons. We don't take a back seat to anyone when it comes to flying! Typical Canadians - we hardly hear anything more about these courageous aircrew. We just have a "get her done" attitude and move on. Anyway just an incredible aviation feat!"

 I agree, although it was on the news, it didn't get the coverage it deserved. I've created a link to a news story that I found on YouTube (Canadian CBC News).

It's the Canadian airline that doesn't always use runways.
That's how company president John Harmer succinctly describes Kenn Borek Air. The Calgary-based company sends its 40 aircraft and 240 employees to some of the most remote locations, through dangerous conditions and on difficult terrain. 'We do work that a lot of people won't do or don't do.' - says Gerald Cirtwill, Kenn Borek maintenance engineer.

Recently the airline has flown planes in Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Turkey and in the Maldives, transported oil workers in Africa and travelled in East Timor. Crews are often switching the landing gear between wheels, floats and skis. Some of its assignments include performing surveys and supporting the scientific community on every continent and travelling to both poles. Below is a news video of a rescue mission to the South Pole in June 2016.


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