Jack Stephens has sent us this photo and information of the Fairchild FC2W circa April 1929 -

tmb fairchild fc2wNote. F/O Forester took this photo of XO from XR (note front of float). XO flown by F/O Sunnucks.These two Fairchilds were based at Senneterre, Quebec with Forester as senior F/O. A point of interest, above the tail is the Catholic Church and parsonage, and above that the school with the various paths leading to it. Log booms and mill to the right. The seaplane base is a few miles out of town. The aircraft were equipped with Fairchild Aero cameras complete with 3 magazines each and were electrically powered. Amazing clarity! 

Thought you would be interested. Norm Forester went on to fly for CPA (DC-3’s) in Quebec. He was one of the best as a photographer and Navigator. Legendary Wop May asked Norm to come to Edmonton, in 1941, to teach at the Air Observer’s School. I think I mentioned he was inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame.


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