In NetLetter nr 1346 under "Readers Feedback" we erroneously referred to Karin Fulcher as Karin Filcher, no disrespect intended - we are sorry - eds (Dave Townson pointed this error our to us.)

In NetLetter nr 1346, in the article under "Star Alliance", Vic and Susan Rivers pointed out that the date for the launch of the B737-100 should have been February, 1968.

The mention of the Lamb family in NetLetter nr 1344 had Wally Hasker send us this -
There have been many sporting rivalries between the towns of Flin Flon and The Pas in Northern Manitoba, however, the letter regarding Tom Lamb as a passenger on the CPA crash @YVR has brought the rivalry to a new zenith. Being from The Pas and having known the Lamb family for well over 60 years please accept a few gentle observations to a previously published letter.

Regarding the letter, by Wayne Brazier, to the NetLetter mentioning the CPA crash @YVR:
Lambair may have had an agent/mechanic in Flin Flon but not the Company office. The Lambair office and main base was for many years in The Pas and latterly Thompson, Manitoba. Tom Lamb and Mrs. Lamb did patronize CPA on their trips to the Pacific Region. It was Conrad “Connie” Lamb, the youngest of the six sons, who was on board with his wife Nancy. Conrad is deceased but did publish a fine book “From Tractor Trains to Airplanes”.

Speaking of books, Jack Lamb also published a fine book “My Life in The North” before his passing. Many may know of Farley Mowat, Canadian author of many books. In one book he is flown on a circular tour of northern Canada by Lambair; piloted by Douglas Lamb. “The Last Great Frontiersman” by noted author Leland Stowe is a great book which weaves the tapestry of the entrepreneurial and flying exploits of Mr. Thomas Lamb, the father of the six flying sons and three daughters. To find a hard copy of these books generally means a search through used book stores or the internet. There are also many internet references to the Lambs, should one be interested.

Wallace “Wally” Hasker

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