1969 - April 14th - Contract signed with Raytheon for display and control equipment for ReserVec II.

Found in "Between Ourselves" magazine issue December 1967

tmb first mimami flt crewMembers of the crew of the first direct Montreal-Miami flight November 1st 1967 are shown with Sales Manager George Kennedy, third from left, and Cec McDonald, District Manager, seventh from left, following their arrival in Miami.

From the left: Stewardesses Verena Degen, Tatjana Misik, Peggy Boyd, and Argentine Paulin; Captain E. Bowser; Captain H. Hayes; Stewardesses Danielle Lossie and Margit Kobler; Purser Roy Dugas and Stewardess Alice Teboul.

tmb first montego bay flt crewAn official welcome greeted the first scheduled DC-8-61 flight into Montego Bay on October 29th 1967, heralding the start of three-flights-per-week service between Montreal, Toronto and Montego Bay, Kingston. The frequency of flights was increased to five-per-week in December 1967.

Shown with the flight crew and some of the cabin staff is Montego Bay's Mayor Cecil Donaldson. The flight crew were Captain L. Greenlaw, and F/O's R. E. Thompson and E. F. Dow, while Stewardesses C. Givogue, B. Helme, M. Lightfoot, N. Van den Hagen, E. Murdock and G. Magnus headed by Purser B. Wheaton. The article did not specifically identify the people.

 Found in the "Horizons" magazine issued May 1980.

In the spring of 1980, the 17 presidents of the Air Canada Recreation Association (ACRA) met in the Air Canada executive board room at Place Ville Marie in Montreal.

tmb acra presidents 1980A highlight of the meeting centred around the reports from each ACRA president regarding their association's most successful event or project during the previous year. One project cooked up by the Winnipeg ACRA, finally got out of the oven with the publication of a cookbook entitled "Favourite Recipes". Each president was presented with a copy.

The Halifax ACRA sponsored a lobster party set on an island rented for the occasion. The London UK ACRA sponsored a children's party with a difference. It was held at Easter instead of Christmas time. It was explained that since so many events take place over the Christmas holiday season, the idea of an Easter party was well received.

From the left in this photo we have: George Agnew, Vancouver; Terry McHale, Edmonton; Dorothy Buss, Winnipeg; Ron Carradine, London, Ontario; Al Davidson, Toronto; Barry Bourassa, Ottawa; Gord Thompson, Dorval; Cory Smith, Los Angeles; Fred Hatchey, Quebec; Bill Callure, Saint John; Bernie Curin, Moncton; Brian Murray, Halifax; Cy Wagner, Sydney; Stuart Vokey, St. John's; Edison Rodgers, Nassau; Robert Neilson, London UK; Air Canada President Claude Taylor. Absent was Steve Bulmer, Calgary.

The Pionairs executive for 1980 are pictured here during the AGM held at the Quality Inn in Anaheim, California.

tmb pionairs exec 1980From the left: Frank Millman, First Vice President; Mary Brown, Second Vice President; Joe Lorimer, President; John McFarland, Treasurer; Dave Baxter, Secretary and Martin Betts, Past President and Pension Committee Representative.

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