• 1968 -
    • Nov 6th - CP Air became Canada's first operator of the B737-200 when Fin 701 commenced YVR-SFO service.
  • 1985 -
    • April 11th - CP Air DC-10 was the first "jumbo" to land at Whitehorse.
    • April 12th - CP Air became Canada's first operator of the B737-300. Fin 751 named "Empress of Ontario".
    • April 28th - CP Air launched Attache service between Calgary-Toronto. tmb epa b737 new livery
    • June 1st - Eastern Provincial Airways inaugurated Halifax - Ottawa service. (pictured)

Located in the "CP Air News" magazine

Issue dated May 1985.

tmb cpa training groupA big happy family. That's the Toronto Services Training Group, who displayed their best smiles for this photo op.

From the left: Frances Montpetit, instructor, Pegasus 2000; David Marriot, instructor services training; Debbie Eagan-Hashimoto (seated) and Sharon Watson, instructors, Pegasus 2000; Len Nielsen, instructor, cargo, services training; Gord McMillen, senior instructor, services training; Unavailable for this op were Pegasus instructors Diane Fotheringham and Neil McGregor. 

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