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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

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Terry Baker

Central Mountain Air ZED ticket agreements cancelled.

Effective immediately, the ZED ticket agreements with Central Mountain Air have been temporarily cancelled. While this temporary change may be disappointing, it is not permanent and we look forward to reinstating our agreement with this carrier in the future.

If you currently hold ZED tickets, we recommend you get them refunded as they are now null and void.
(Source, The Daily July 27th 2016)

Passenger Pick-up at Heathrow:

There has been increased checking of arrival passengers being picked up from the Departure level from all terminals. Most of us have done this as it is easier. There is now a crackdown with signs at each departure level that you cannot pick passengers and their baggage up, and that there are CCTV cameras being used to detect those who shouldn't be there and you could get a £40 fine. The Airport Authority are trying to encourage you to use their short stay car park at each terminal costing nearly £4 for half an hour and over £7 for an hour. What they don't advertise very much is that you can use the Long Stay car parks free for two hours.
(Source LHR Pionairs monthly newsletter August 2016)

Air Canada’s check-in counters at Brussels Airport are now back at the main terminal, level 3, row 4 counters 1, 2 and 3. The check-in counters may only be reached upon presentation of an Itinerary Receipt or a boarding pass, and open 180 minutes prior to departure.
(Source Pionairs Quebec district Sentinel Summer 2016)