In NetLetter nr 1348, we had an appeal from Robert Pelley for information. His question was -

Have you ever heard of a trans-Canadian flight between St. John's and Victoria made around 1974 by Wayne Tuck and Craig Loweys?

Robert has advised us of an answer he received -

You have probably already received a definitive answer to your question but if not, I would refer you to Roderick F Goff’s book “Crossroads of the World”, Flanker Books, 2005. While the two names you gave were not specifically mentioned, the last chapter of his book talks about such a trip.

It is quite probably the trip you were looking for.

"IT WAS ON SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 1974 that a group of twenty-two people, employees and close relatives of employees of Eastern Provincial Airways, boarded one of the company's Boeing 737 aircraft for a flight from Gander to Vancouver. The flight was not a scheduled commercial one that was open to the general public. Because it was being ferried to Vancouver for technical reasons, revenue passengers were not permitted on the aircraft."

I would like to thank Catherine Chafe, a reader of the NetLetter, who read my request for information and very kindly gave me lead to Mr Goff’s book. And of course thanks to Terry Baker of NetLetter for having published the general call, a wonderful community effort!

Robert has a very interesting web site at www.bobsganderhistory.com

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