airbc timetable 1991

November 1991 timetable for AirBC. (at left)

Found on the internet this brochure. Pictured are the Air Canada Flight Attendant uniforms from 1978. (below left).

Also this brochure of Flight Attendant uniforms early 1970's. (below right).

tmb ac inflt blogspot tmb ac flight atts blogspot

Found in "Between Ourselves" magazine issue dated June 1967. 

Did you know that...

Air Canada established the principle of including pilot reaction time (i.e. 3 seconds for North Stars) in developing the take-off distance requirements to meet the Accelerate Stop and the Balanced Field Length Certification criteria.

The reaction time principle subsequently became an agreed standard by certifying agencies.

Air Canada was the first to equip its fleet of aircraft with Auto Approach equipment involving automatic throttle control.

bo 306 June 1967 550x225

Found in "Horizons" magazine issue dated May 1980.

tmb new york sales staffNew York district sales staff are shown taking a break during a recent meeting in Quebec City to pose in the new ensemble staff wear for trade shows, seminars and presentations.

Dark blue blazers and grey slacks and grey skirts won many compliments from colleagues and competitors at more than 33 district events between February and April.

From the left: Peter Pemberton, Bruce Deitsch, Tony Figueiredo, Jim Hearns, Tony Bracato, Cheryl Grealis (Washington), Don Berg (Philadelphia), Jim Gould (New York) and Joe Pareti (New Jersey).

horizons 551 May 15 1980 550x225

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