Extracted from the Canadi>n Info:Cargo magazine issue dated August 1991

This group met in Santiago, Chile for a regional meeting.

tmb cpa cargo santiagoFrom the left, sitting: Willy Mackinson, Buenos Aires; Jaime Pumarino, Santiago, Arnaldo Pacora, Lima; Pablo Baceti, Sao Paulo.

Standing: Raul Cifeuntes, Santiago; Cecil Tarris, Buenos Aires; Tom Kirk, Calgary; Peter Dowling, Santiago; Juan Orosco, Lima; and Randy Lopaschuk, Calgary.

Issue dated October 1991

tmb cpa iqaluitFrom the air, Iqaluit's airport terminal formerly called Frobisher Bay, appears as a bright yellow LEGO creation. It seems to be the only relief against the endless, treeless, desolate looking landscape. At ground level, however, dozens of colourful and exquisite plants and lichen thrive in the patch of black earth which blankets the solid granite land.

Iqaluit employees are accustomed to bejeweled mink-wrapped, jet setters who arrive in private jets and think nothing of spending $1000 to $2000 for an Inuit soapstone carving or $30 a kilo for smoked Arctic char, purchased at the airport terminal.

tmb cpa time air comoxThe Time Air team from Comox were winners of the GAD trophy, being presented by John Gibson, GM, Cargo Sales & Service West

From the left: John Gibson, Donna Perrault, Ken Godfrey, Len Smith and Keith Johns.

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