David Townson, after reading NetLetter #1352, sends this observation -

Terry, you'd think the Leader-Post would have spelt Punch Dickins's  name properly. I hope the King got it right.

Regards, Dave Townson.

Here is the comment from Hildegard Sachs after seeing the Nordair photo in NetLetter #1351

Mount Royal can be seen in the background of the Nordair photo. The view from Dorval could make one 'homesick', and then "Fat Albert" arriving. Lots of excitement and then starting to lift over Lake St. Louis (seemed so slow.. is it going to make it??) from our dining room window at the 'Royal Dixie' in Dorval. Thank you for the NetLetter, always welcome.

Have a Happy Fall, Hildegard Sachs.

Having read the article on the Bristol Freighter in NetLetter #1350, we received this memory from Kent Davis -

(Note: David Wall also brought this story to our attention in NetLetter #1351)

My name is Kent Davis and I am a retired AC pilot. My father, Bing Davis was chief pilot on the Bristol Freighter in Montreal. The story, true or not goes like this.

On approach to Idlewild airport in New York one sunny day, the tower with TCA in sight called them up.

"Trans Canada, what type of aircraft is that". Bing replied, "It is a Bristol Freighter". With that the tower responded. "Wow, did you build it yourself".

No Respect

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