Norman Hogwood, in New Zealand, sends this memory after reading the article on the Bristol Freighter in NetLetter nr 1351 -

Just opened NL 1351 as we have been on holiday for a week at beautiful Coopers Beach in Doubtless Bay in the Far North. I meant to have commented on the B170 item in NL 1350. I had one flight in one of those lumberers! A NZ company called Straits Air Freight Express (Safeair) operated a fleet of about 10 of them just flying almost exclusively across the Cook Strait between Wellington and Blenheim on behalf of NZ Railways and also under contract to NAC for cargo carriage on the same point to point journey. While in the NAC Safety Dept, my boss (a retired B737 captain) and I had to have a meeting with Safeair to discuss some ground handling matters so flew over to Blenheim in one of our F27’s. Coming home we were invited to take a B170 trip. Naturally, my boss climbed the ladder to the cockpit while I occupied the sole seat in the “cabin” below. In the adjoining cargo bay was one huge bull and he and I rattled our way across the Strait for 30 minutes or so! My Air NZ boss was a pilot on RNZAF B170’s based in Singapore during the Malayan emergency.

One day I had an invite to visit the ATC tower at Wellington and while there I witnessed an emergency involving a B170 losing an engine on takeoff. It was interesting to watch the staff clear the airways to allow the 170 do a one engine harbour circuit (they don’t go too well on one) and it disappeared but safely emerged from round the headland to land OK.

Captain Dennis Giguere advises -

Re the article in Alan's Space, "the youngest ever airline captain", on March 8, 1968 I was promoted as an Air Canada Captain at age 25.
When I retired in March 2002 as seniority # 1, I was (I believe) the longest serving Captain with 34 years in the left seat.

Captain Dennis Giguere
Air Canada Retired

Re Wayne's Wings Fokker F28 article in NL # 1353

I was not able to confirm the airline that first flew the Fokker F28 in Canada, but our faithful readers responded:

Bob Ellis -
Transair operated 2 F-28s in the late 60s and early 70s. I didn`t fly them and can`t give you actual dates. It would be great to see Transair`s  logo back in the NetLetter again.
(Alan responded - when we redo the header logo, we'll see if we can fit it in)

Pete Varty -
Re Netletter 1353
The first operator of the F-28 in Canada was Transair which from my source had 2; CF-TAV and CF-TAY. TAV operated 10/72 to 6/79.  TAY 4/73 to 2/79 Both went to Air Niugini which operated them for about 25 years.
Great work... keep it up!

Ross Taylor -
In regard to Wayne's Wings item on the F-28, little old TransAir of CYWG was the first airline to operate the F-28 n Canada. It became quite a useful aircraft after the teething troubles that accompany a new type being introduced to the Canadian climate were overcome.

Doug Holloway - Transair started flying the Focker F28 in Canada in 1972 - far as I know, the first in Canada.

Thanks to eveyone, Wayne

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