Extracted from the Info Canadian Special Commemorative Issue March 30, 1987.

Canadian Airlines International Ltd made its first public appearance at a press conference in Vancouver, B.C. on March 24, 1987

tmb canadian airlines logoThe new corporate identity was already being promoted to the public. A major nation-wide advertising campaign began March 30, 1987 spreading the "Canadian" word to the public. Flight attendants were announcing the new name to passengers and administration offices were answering the telephone, "Canadian Airlines International".

To avoid passenger confusion, reservations offices continued to identify themselves as "Pacific Western Airlines" and "Canadian Pacific Air Lines" until proper signage was in place at the airports, and reservations offices were fully integrated by April 26, 1987. Here are all the airlines incorporated over the years.

tmb cpa airlines tmb cpa airlines 1 Copy

tmb cpa yhz name changeHalifax - The new corporate name and identity was a well kept secret until the March 24, 1987 release, and a pleasant surprise to all.

tmb cpa yvr name changeVancouver - The Vancouver presentation ended in a round of applause. Employee response on the west coast was very positive.

tmb cpa sfo name changeSan Francisco - Changing the corporate identification will be a massive undertaking. The first priority is to have some visible corporate identification in place by April 26, 1987. Airport signage was planned for major stations by that date, and ticket jackets, napkins and trayliners should sport the new logo as well. April 26 is also the target date for the distribution of new lapel pins
to employees.

tmb cpa yyz name changeToronto - Kits containing copies of the press release, the video script, samples of the logo, integrated route maps and renderings of the new livery, were in such demand at each location that supplies ran out very quickly. Extra prints of the B737 and DC-10 in the new livery were forwarded to all employees within the next few weeks.

Many hours of creative thought, market research and consumer testing went into the selection of a corporate identity to reflect the combined forces of Pacific Western Airlines, Canadian Pacific Air Lines, Nordair and Eastern Provincial Airways as they came together as one of the top 25 world carriers.

Four highly respected Canadian design houses, three in Toronto and one in Vancouver, were asked to make submissions. The exhaustive market testing identified the proposal submitted by OVE Design of Toronto Incorporated as the best image package according to the results of the extensive testing process.

(If anyone can be identified in the photos we would like to hear from you – eds)

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