Lest We Forget

LillyWhile we're on the subject of remembrance, we would also like you to remember those that have passed away within our own aviation community as well. The new obituary site for the ACFamily Network at: obits.acfamilynet.ca is now online and open for those who would like to submit the details of the passing of a friend or relative that worked in the Canadian aviation industry (any airline and any capacity). The intention is to have this site online indefinitely to honour those that have contributed to Canadian Aviation. The hope is to provide archived information on our loved ones for future generations in regard to genealogy as well.

We do ask that you have the permission of the family before submitting an obituary as we've had a few cases of families not wanting the obituaries of loved ones in a permanent website location (most funeral sites keep them for a few months only and charge a fee to keep them online). This service is provided at no charge by the ACFamily Network, but we will be setting up a donation page for those wishing to contribute to its upkeep.

Please note that although the site is live, and ready for submissions, there is still much work to do. I had to transfer over 300 obits from the old site and now each one needs to be "adjusted" to add the images and clean them up a bit. This will be done as time permits over the next few months. Since each change takes about 15 minutes, this adds up to about 75 hours needed to complete this.


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