Alan RustVintage TCA 1950s airline video - National Film Board/Henry Tenby

(Submitted by: Vern Swerdfeger )

Below we have an image that links to a 1950's aviation video featuring Trans-Canada Air Lines and many other airlines of the era. The video was created from the National Film Board of Canada archives and was conceived, scripted, narrated and edited by Henry Tenby (Vancouver).

Henry is very active in airline memorabilia and also holds a Memorabilia event every fall in Richmond, B.C. He has been documenting the commercial airline scene for airline publications worldwide since the mid 1980s. These captured videos from the National Film Board Archives are of very high quality and contain a compilation of various video clips of TCA aircraft along with some other aircraft from the 1950's.

This video has been provided by Henry Tenby from his website at There is a 3 minute introduction to the video by Henry telling us about this video and his other services and then 51 minutes of high quality videos narrated by Henry. Well worth watching! For further information about Henry and his various aviation services see:

TCA 1940's and 50's  by Henry Tenby

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