Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter Since 1995

Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

tmb 1996 apr 1357Central Mountain timetable effective April 1996.

From collection of Bjorn Larsson.

Extracted from the "Between Ourselves" magazine issue dated May 1959.

tmb tcara mtl 1959First meeting of the new Montreal TCARA took place following the recent election.

In this photo, from the left, standing: Art Claude, Special activities; Mr. Peck, sports; Jean Watson, secretary; Ed Buckingham, treasurer; and Earl Corrigan, V.P.

Seated are Lucien Bussiere, ways & means; Lil Whelan, membership; Ron Sutherland, President; Dorothy Wilcox, social.

Missing are John Macauly, J. Jackson, Betty Hamelly and Claude Charbonneau.

The new executive are planning the 1959 picnic.

Found in the "Horizons" magazine issue dated October 1980.

tmb dc 8 63af fin 867The company converted six of its DC-8-63 passenger aircraft to DC-8-63AF, the cargo model to replace the DC-8-54 currently being used. The aircraft were converted at the McDonnell Douglas hangar at Tulsa. The first fin #867 converted during August went into operation on October 26th, the second aircraft was in service by April 1981.

The company's softball team dubbed the Air Canada Flyers, finished fourth in the Halifax league at the end of the 1980 season.

tmb yhz surprised flyersThe team pictured here front row, from the left: Pam Love, Debbie Bertrum, Kathy Graham and Mary Haines.

Second row from the left: Ruth Maida, Charmaine LeBlanc, Mary Moriarty and Louise Rowe.

Back row from the left: Louise Leftly, Mark Thompson (coach), Francis MacLeod and Jack Inouye (asstistant coach).

Missing are Sherry Grant, Pauline Benoit and Mary Ann Fris.

Gleaned from the "New Horizons" magazine issue dated July 2004. (Used with permission.)

On June 30th inauguration of service between Toronto and Bogota and onto Caracas, Venezuela the next day operated by brothers Captain Gordon Taylor and First Officer David Taylor.

A handful of the 160 staff at the Tampa Call Centre.

tmb tpa call centreFrom left to right: James Castro, Customer Service Agent; Bea Despot, Customer Service Agent; Melanie Mitchener, Customer Service Agent; Stanley Berniol, Customer Service Agent; Christian Riddell, Customer Service Agent; Yvonne Lambert, Lead Customer Service Agent; Virginia Robinson, Customer Service Agent; Leslie FieldĀ·Bell, Training Coordinator; Marsha Graham, Customer Service Agent; Steve Kapsinksi, Procedures Coordinator; Catherine Hattais. Customer Service Agent; Patrick O'Rourke, Customer Service Agent; Cathy Cochran, Customer Service Agent; Helen Pizzutto, Customer Service Agent; Alicia Evo, Customer Service Agent and Monica Porterfield, Call Centre Administrative Coordinator.

tmb tpa staffWorking at the Tampa airport are, left to right: Customer Service Agents Jim Corbett, Dawn Kremer, Marlene Burke, Sue Braggins, Airport Services Coordinators Jerry Pasantes and Terry Wazenegger.