Shirlee Schacter has sent us this information and photo -

tmb friends of front street 2016Happy times once again as the Friends of Front St. (FoFS) group got together for their 15th Annual Reunion at Hooter's in Toronto on Sat. Oct. 22nd, 2016.

While the attendee size varies from year-to-year, the fellowship that's enjoyed from meeting up again with old friends and colleagues never wavers!

Names in group picture from left to right: Evangeline Kubin, Tim Mallory, Bob Newson, Jeannie Lindo, Liveen Richards, Tony Bruch, Shirlee Schacter, Frank Marando, John Pallin, Linda Haywood, Brian Speed, Russ Martin, Sadru Kassam, Bob Haywood, Ted Zubek, Helen Donaldson, Bruce Castator, Rick Morris and Jackie Murdoch.

Thank you, Shirlee.

Talking about Hooters (where the group above meets) - A Little Humor

Two Air Canada employees grow up together playing golf, but early in their careers one transfers to British Columbia, the other to Nova Scotia. They agree to meet every ten years at the Lionhead Golf & Country Club in Ontario and play golf.

At age 30, they finish their round of golf and go to lunch.
“Where do you wanna go?”  “Hooters.”
“Why?” “Well, you know, they’ve got the pretty girls there.”

Ten years later, at age 40, they play.
“Where do you wanna go?”   “Hooters.
“Why?” “Well, you know, they’ve got cold beer, big screen TVs and everybody has a little action on the games.”

Ten years later, at age 50, they play.
“Where do you wanna go?”  “Hooters.”
“Why?”  “The food is pretty good and there is plenty of parking.”

At age 60 they play.
“Where do you wanna go?”  “Hooters.”
“Why?”  “Their wings are half price.”

At age 70 they play.
“Where do you wanna go?”  “Hooters.”
“Why?”  “They have six handicapped spaces right by the door.”

At age 80 they play.
“Where do you wanna go?”  “Hooters.”
“Why?”   “Cause we've never been there before.”

Tony Walsh has found these two photos among his collection –

tmb cf thl yul 1971I’ve taken a lot of conventional airliner photos over the years in my Air Canada airport ops career, but sometimes a simpler photo has more punch when reliving those times on the ramp.

Picture at left is Vickers Viscount CF-THL fin 630 c/n 272 at YUL September 1971.

The shot of AC 630 shows #4 engine about to be started, #3 running, and captain showing 4 fingers out the cockpit side window to the ramp LSA. Back then, perhaps due to its daily familiarity, I sometimes thought the Viscount with its high-pitch turbine scream if heard from the ramp close-up, was a bit of an ugly duckling, but in fact it was as seen in this photo an aerodynamically slick and good looking airliner. 

tmb dc 8 at yul 1971A moody close-up 1971 shot of a DC-8, shows her good lines in Air Canada livery and that great matte-black top-of-nose scheme that showed a bit of moxie.

Tony Walsh – Retired AC – Mgr Airport Ops Srvcs – Western NA & Pac Rim

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