Alan RustThe Incredible Flyboard Air

(Submitted by: Frank Pedder)

Franky Zapata rides the 'Flyboard Air' in Naples, Florida, doing impressive maneuvers like spins and slalom, including an amazing braking maneuver in front of the crowd.  The innovative Flyboard® Air represents 4 years of hard work, resulting in an Independent Propulsion Unit that can achieve autonomous flight up to 10,000 feet, a top speed of 150km/h (93 mph) and delivers a range of up to 25 km (15 miles).  Flyboard Air is still in the prototype phase and will not be available for purchase until later in 2017.  

The board has 4 small turbojet engines (used in RC model aircraft) for lift and 2 smaller ones on the side for stabilization. The backpack is full of fuel (not for flotation as you may expect).  There is a remote to control the vertical thrust.  The control of the craft is through shifting one’s balance (along with a computer to aid in stabilization). Note: This is NOT a computer simulation or edited video. It is 100% real.

Fly Board


If the above video reminds you of anything, it may be the Hover Board that Michael Fox (no, not you Mike, the other Michael Fox) used in Back to the Future. Bonus Video below...

Back to the Future

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