Lee-Anna Sigmund has sent some photos from Donald T. Renshaw Sr.

tmb new uniform 1938In 1938, George Lothian (left) and Gordon Haslett, first and second pilot on the TCA service between Vancouver and Seattle, were the first of TCA's pilots to wear the new uniform.

tmb rankinPhoto of Captain Art Rankin and First Officer Jack Bradley at an unknown location or date - (eds)

tmb captains bulletinCopy of the Captain's Bulletin issued by Captain J. F. Bradley and stewardess P. Eatherton (?) during a flight October 3rd, 1941 while enroute to Lethbridge.

Commemorative plate issued for the company's 50th anniversary.
tmb commemorative plate front 1987 tmb commemorative plate back 1987

Mairi Maxwell (retired CPAir employee 1972-1990) sent us the photo below left. The little girl at the end of the line boarding this Air Canada flight at PIK in 1967 is YVR employee Fiona Walker who grew up to join CPAir in 1980.

Fiona is today (pictured below right) a Technical Data Controller with Air Canada Logistics and Supply at the YVR Operations Centre.

The family is celebrating 50 years in Canada (and 45 years in the aviation industry).

tmb fiona 1967 tmb fiona 2017

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