Betty Draper has come across some more information about early aviation.

This from Montreal issue June 18th, 1945 -

PLANE MELTS DISTANCE · LONDON, June 18.- A four-engined Skymaster plane of the R.A.F. transport command last week made a 9,120-mile round trip flight from Britain to Karachi, India, in two days, eight hours and 11 minutes, the air ministry said Saturday night. Actual flying time was 42 hours and 23 minutes-26 hours and eight minutes by day and 16 hours and 15 minutes by night. Average speed was 215 miles an hour.

From the Leader-Post issue Jan 10th, 1946 - 'T.C.A' TO USE FLIERS.

T.C.A. plans to use fliers who built up impressive records flying with the R.A.F., as pilots of the future. The initial training class of 1946, made up entirely of war fliers, has been started in Winnipeg.

From the Leader-Post issue July 2nd, 1943 - MONTREAL, July 3 -

Captain M.M.Barclay of Trans-Canada Air Lines almost matched the record time Friday for a flight from England to Canada. Captain Barclay made the flight in a Lancaster bomber in 14 hours and seven minutes. The record was 13 hours and 30 minutes.

Dave Shore responds to the news in NetLetter nr 1358 under "Air Canada News" regarding the cooperation between Air Canada and Cathay Pacific.

That agreement between CX and AC surprised me when I read it a few days ago in the Globe and Mail. AC is Star Alliance and CX is Oneworld. It certainly is a slap in the face to WestJet to have their major Canadian competitor code share with a Oneworld partner. I wonder what is going on behind the scenes.

In a subsequent e-mail, Dave says –

I should have mentioned in my email about CX code sharing with AC that WS does not belong to OneWorld but code shares with One World Carriers American Airlines, British Airways, Latam, and Qantas as well as Cathay Pacific. So AC code sharing with CX would have still been a shock to them. I think one of the reasons for the AC code share may be that WS does not have business class and AC does.

Adam Clark refers to the article regarding renewing the British passport in NetLetter nr 1359 and shares this experience -

I read about renewing a British passport in the latest edition & was surprised the time it takes. Allow me to share my experience in renewing my New Zealand passport. I hold both Canadian & NZ passports. If one travels to Brazil, Argentina, Chile etc you would understand the reason. Thursday, Oct 08/2015, I renewed the NZ one. Went online, got advice about camera settings for taking
my own picture, submitted it to Passport NZ for automated verification, had a few retries till I got it correct & submitted @ 4pm. Received new passport next Monday with issue date Oct.09. My Canadian renewal took 3 weeks.


Terry Baker refers to the photo in NetLetter nr 1359 regarding a photo submitted by Morley Plummer from the Regina library.

The book “The History of Air Canada from 1937” has this entry – 

1st April 1939 - Introduction of scheduled revenue passenger service on the transcontinental route, Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Kapuskasing-North Bay-Winnipeg-Regina-Lethbridge-Vancouver.

I think that is possibly why the photo exists.

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