1999 calm airCalm Air timetable effective April 1999.

(from the collection of Bjorn Larsson)

More from the "PWA Flightlines" magazine issue dated October 1986.

tmb pwa shannonHere are some more of the Yellowknife staff - Sandi Shannon has been with PWA since 1977.

Ramp Service Agents Darrell Groff with Greg Baird on the left and Gary Reid, CSM on the right.

  tmb pwa groff baird   tmb pwa reid

tmb pwa inflight crewThree drivers from Inflight Service, from the left: Evan Franklin, Bob Hiscock and Saul Heywood.

pwa regina employees200bThese Regina employees were on hand at the official opening of their new terminal on September 14th, 1986.

Left to Right at the rear: RSA Tim Tinkler; CSA Wade Lundy; CSA Charlene Hanson; CSA Al Ball; CSM Gordon Camp; RSA Ray Naturkach and, front centre; RSA Kevin Sneah.

Issue February 1997. DC-10 Fleet History.

Canadian Pacific Air Lines and the Brazilian airline Varig, each with 12 DC-10-30's, share the distinction of having the world's largest fleet of this aircraft type.

Three of CPAL's -30's (904, 905 , and 906) were being operated by United Airlines under a lease/swap agreement, which has three United DC-10-10s assigned to CPAL. The agreement expired during 1987 and the tentative dates for these aircraft were Apri1 20, May 11 and June 1.

Aircraft 901 and 902 were leased to Varig for one year immediately following delivery to CPAL and did not enter revenue service with CPAL until 1980. The first revenue CPAL flight by a DC-10-30 was by 903 on November 17, 1979 Vancouver-Toronto.

Aircraft 908 was acquired from Singapore Airlines in 1982. In 1985 on exchange of CPAL's four B747s for four DC-10-30s from Pakistan International Airlines was negotiated.

Aircraft 744 and 742 were delivered to PIA on December 18, 1985 and May 9, 1986 respectively, followed by Aircraft 741 on September 26 and 743 on November 7 The aircraft received in exchange were 911, 910, 909, and 912 in that order.

In October 1985, aircraft 903 and 907 were modified to include a 12,556 litre fuel tank in each to enable Vancouver-Hong Kong non-stop operation. The three aircraft leased to United were fitted by United with long range tanks for Seattle-Hong Kong non-stops.

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