1993 calm airCALM Air timetable effective Summer 1993 (pictured at left).
(from the collection of Bjorn Larsson)

Norcanair, a Saskatoon based airline partly owned by Canadian Pacific Air Lines, started linking Calgary with Regina and Saskatoon on October 26th, 1986 using F-28 jets.

Located in the "PWA Flightlines" magazine issue dated October 1986

tmb yellowknife kitchen staffHere we found this photo of the Yellowknife Flight Service.

Back row left to right: Doug Snodgrass, Mark Elson, Mike Sims, Bob Hiscock, Barb Elson, Saul Heywood, Paul Layland, Mike Gelinas and Rick Dempster.

Front row left to right: Doug Krause, Glenn Brake, Junior Hodder and Evan Franklin.

The kitchen can produce up to 1,200 meals per day.

The 1986 "Almost" Annual Car Rally sponsored by the Calgary Social Club, was so much fun, it will be on the 1987 Social Club activities.

tmb pwa car rallyThe rally wound its way through four neighbouring towns before ending at Bragg Creek. Average time for the 139 kms was two and half hours. Each car was given a questionnaire to record various events during the trip.

For answering the most questions correctly, the John Morris, Dick Gardner, Bob Buessecker team took home the Car Cup Trophy.

Lady luck must have been in the car with Pat Petersen, Susal Almond and Pat's two-year old navigator son, who picked up the best poker hand en-route. At each of the five stops the team picked up a playing card to create their hands. Three Jacks won Pat a week-end for two in Banff!!

But most noticeable of all was Earl and Donna Weisbrod who won the coveted "Lost in Space" award. Although they didn't even make it to the first check stop they eventually sniffed out the dinner and joined the others for the celebration. After a fun-filled evening of dining and dancing they all began the difficult task of navigating their way home. 

In the photo are John Morris and Dick Gardner of YYC Reservations, teamed up with Bob Buessecker, YYC Print-shop to win the Trophy.

(Can anyone tell us if the 1987 car rally took place, and, if not, what happened to the trophy – eds)

tmb pwa cargo accountingPWA Cargo Accounting staff, in the photo at the back left to right: Linda Mac Rae (MacRae?), Kim Paddington, Mary Scott, Valerie Anderson and Jan Laing (Supervisor).
Front row: Denise Natyna and Masako LeClair.

Pacific Western Spirit new livery for Time Air's first Dash-7 aircraft (below right) took flight on Saturday September 13th, 1986 and CALM Air's Hawker Siddeley (below left) new paint job was completed by Kelowna Flightcraft on September 13th, 1986.

tmb calm air western spirit tmb time air western spirit

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