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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

1981 - February 26th - Delivery of the first L1011-500 C-GAGF Fin 551 c/n 1202.

2017 - February 16th - Inaugural Boeing 787 Dreamliner service began between Montreal and Shanghai.

Gathered from the “Between Ourselves” magazine issue dated April 1943.
The first T.C.A.R.A. (Trans-Canada Air Lines Recreation Association) in the company was formed at Winnipeg early in 1941. By 1943 the membership had reached 528.

Extracted from the "Horizons" magazine issue dated March 1981.

tmb ottawa staff 1950The year 1950 was a banner year for the Ottawa district. The cash register rang up a cool one million dollars in company revenues. To mark that auspicious occasion, Leo Palmer threw a party at his home. Unfortunately, there are no names attached to this photo.

tmb ottawa staff 1980Exactly 30 years later, in 1980, another million dollars was gathered for the company's revenue fund. As the staff had grown to some 600 employees and, together with spouses, the numbers were too large for District Manager Vic Wozniuk to host the party at anyone’s home, plan B was initiated to hold the party at the Civic Centre and enjoy some buffet food.

The evening was particularly memorable for seven company veterans who had attended the 1950 party, as they were also present at the 1980 party.

From the left: Ken Tayman, Mike Kennedy, Bob Watson, Jack Singer, Jean Boisvert, Don Graham and Bert Wilson.

Shown in the photo are the Pionairs Board of Directors for 1981 at the Skyline Hotel in Toronto putting plans together for the 4th AGM in Anaheim, California April 1982.

tmb pionairs board 1981Back row left to right: Nancy Walchuk, Toronto; Jack Somerset, Vancouver; Bob Furguson, Winnipeg and Evelyn Desjardins, Montreal; Past President Martin Betts, Vancouver and District Director Paul Emmerson, Halifax and Ken Taman, Ottawa.

Seated are members of the executive: Avon Lorimer, Secretary; First V.P. Frank Millman; President Joe Lorimer; 2nd V.P. Mary Brown and Treasurer John McFarland.

Missing from the photo are District Directors Phil Wilis, Victoria; Gordon Hooper, Calgary and Clint Morgan, Tampa.

Honouring 439 years of experience.

tmb 430 years despatchFlight Dispatch honoured 15 of its long service employees in Toronto. The group's collective experience with the company totals 430 years.

Dennis Stewart organized the dinner & dance for the employees who celebrated 25, 30, 35 or 40 years of service in 1981.

Leo McIntyre, Senior Director, Payload & Operations gave special congratulations to Gord Stuart who celebrated his 40th anniversary.

At the Meadowvale Inn, 70 co-workers and friends paid their own way to join in the festivities. For prosperity, the group were assembled to say cheese, and this was the resulting photo.

Standing from the left are: Leo McIntyre and Ed Barbour, 25 years; Les Powell, 25 years; Don Currie, 30 years; The following were 25 year celebrants; Eric Van Der Holt, Rex Clark, Don Johnston, Vern Hamilton, John Edmision and Larry Walters; Mick Verrechia, 30 years and Dennis Stewart.

Seated from the left: Ken Harling, 30 years; Frank Bowlby, 35 years, Gord Stuart, 40 years; Doug Stewart, 35 years and Cliff Spearing, 30 years.

Pilots come home

tmb pilots come home"Welcome back" says Charlie Simpson, V.P. Flight Operations, to the group of pilots arriving at Dorval aboard the delivery flight of the company's first L1011-500 on the evening of February 26th, 1981. The group had been engaged in pilot training at the Lockheed Company in California.

In our photo from the left: Captain Earl Doyle, Montreal; Charlie Simpson; Second Officer William Donaldson, Toronto; Captain Roger Miners, Montreal; Captain Art Shaw, Toronto and First Officer Larry O'Brien Toronto.