Wolfgang Walter sends us this information -

Hello Guys, I was not aware of this newsletter and will look forward to your reviews coming forward. Having read the introduction, I just wanted to point out a couple of things; Transair purchased 2-B737 in 1967 and the Boeing sales rep, Hal Cope became president for a short term.

Also interested to read about CF-TGI the Viscount; its last duties were with Transair and I happened to be based in northern Manitoba at the time. We put it on our Lynn Lake run, as it was in great shape and offered what would have been a luxury interior. We bought it in a deal with AC for $1.00; did many a weight/balance during the mid '60's.

Continue the good work... Wolf

Betty Draper has sent us this information from the Leader-Post issue April 11th, 1947 -

Big Welcome for a Big Plane

When a number of T.C.A. officials arrived in Regina on board one of the new four engine DC-4 aircraft there was a large crowd to welcome them. The occasion was the 10th anniversary of the founding of Trans-Canada Air Lines. The aircraft had flown from Winnipeg and, after the brief stop at Regina, continued on to Calgary and Edmonton.

(The photo was of poor quality, but the aircraft was the North Star - eds)

In NetLetter nr 1359, we had this photo from the Regina Public Library sent to us by Morley Plummer with a request for the event to be identified.

tmb regina airport eventBetty Draper has been investigating this and concludes the following is related. The photo is most likely the inaugural service held on April 3, 1939. 

From the Regina Leader Post issue April 1st, 1939.

The official seal of the City of Regina will make one of its rare trips outside the city hall early Sunday April 3rd, 1939. At 12.10 a.m. it will be carried by the Mayor A. C. Ellison to the municipal airport, to affix the city seal and the mayor's signature to a parchment scroll of congratulations aboard an east-bound Trans-Canada Air Lines plane, one of the first two inaugural passenger flights.

The scroll was being carried up the Pacific coast April 1st morning by United Airlines and before it reaches Regina will have been signed by the mayors of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, SeattleLethbridge and Vancouver.

When it reaches Montreal, it will have been signed by the mayors of Regina, Winnipeg, North Bay, Toronto and Ottawa. The scroll will be presented to Prime Minister W. L. MacKenzie King.

Two passengers destined for Regina will be aboard the Trans-Canada Air Lines plane that roars out of Toronto airport Saturday night to inaugurate the west-bound passenger run of T.C.A.

From Leader-Post issue April 3, 1939.

Crew for the east-bound flight were Captain Bruce Middleton, First Officer Bill Barnes and Stewardess Miss Norte Wallace. On the west-bound plane, the crew were Captain Lewis Leigh, First Officer Gil McLaren and Stewardess Margaret Wilson. Bad weather over the mountains and at the Pacific coast put a crimp in the first day's passenger flight. At noon Monday the first west-bound plane, which did not stop at North Bay because of fog, went on to Kapuskasing and had passed through Regina early Sunday, was still grounded at Lethbridge.

The second west-bound plane, through Regina early Monday, was also grounded at Lethbridge. The east-bound first flight also ran into trouble with weather. The plane was grounded by snow at Ottawa, and passengers, including Mrs. E. Flaherty a member of the Vancouver's "Flying Seven" executive women's flying club, completed the last lap to Montreal by train. The second east-bound flight was being held at Vancouver waiting improved weather conditions.

Russell Brown has sent us this information referring to the photos sent in by Alan Way in NetLetter nr 1361.

The photos of unknown RCAF aircraft at Stevenson Field in 1931 are United States Army Air Corps Martin B-10 bombers that entered service in 1934. They were state of the art for the time, faster than any fighter aircraft in service. These photos are very rare as they show what must be an American squadron visit about 1935 - 1940.

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