Vancouver and Winnipeg were linked on March 8th, 1938 by a two-way air mail service, the first two-way flight between the two cities since Trans-Canada Air Lines started test flights with air mail on March 1st.

(source The Montreal Gazette Mar 9th, 1938).

Former Air Canada CEO Robert Milton is currently the non-executive chairman of United’s board.

(Source AT W Apr 21/17, Financial Post)

Inauguration of services during 1946.

July 1st - Toronto to Chicago.
August 1st - Toronto to Cleveland.
September 16th - Lakehead to Duluth.
November 1st - Victoria to Seattle.

(Source “1946 A report on the company”.)

October 1, 1981 new return fares to London or Glasgow.
From Gander or Halifax $429.
Montreal/Toronto or Montreal $539.
Calgary $559, Vancouver $599.

Lee-Anna Sigmund has sent us this information -

Don Renshaw Sr was a Reservations supervisor at Air Canada during his working career.

Don, at age 91, is the oldest person playing in organized ice hockey in Western Canada. "I want to play until I am the oldest player in Canada" says Don. 

Presently the oldest in North America is a 95 year old Mark Stenitch from Michigan. Don plays for the Eagle Ridge Predators in the 70+ division of the Victoria Playmakers and was recently made the first member as a Hockey Knight Exemplariatas in the Playmakers' 90 and over club.

tmb don renshaw tmb don renshaw certificate

don renshaw ubcDon has been participating in hockey for over 80 years and currently plays on a weekly basis with the UBC Old Birds for 30 years, and plays against the UBC Women’s squad on a regular basis.
Don is pictured here with Rebecca Umrah who was the Captain of the UBC Women's Thunderbirds Hockey Team. 

The 28th annual Victoria Playmakers Oldtimers Tournament was held in the Pearkes Arena recently which hosted some 40 teams from all over B.C. Alberta and one from Japan. The tourney featured players from 55 to Don.

(Source Times-Colonist)

During the strike by 1,200 AFL pilots against American Airlines in July 31st, 1954, Trans-Canada Air Lines added six extra sections to Toronto, from U.S. stations, to accommodate passengers who otherwise would have gone on American Airlines.

(source Lawrence Journal-World July 31st, 1954).

TCA Man Is 'Stewardess' (Special to The Gazette.)
Moncton. N.B. March 2, 1941

Yet another occasion has arisen when a mere male has stepped into the breach and subbed for a stewardess on a Trans-Canada Air Lines plane. On Friday night on the regular scheduled flight from Moncton to Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. The regular stewardess was taken suddenly ill here and passenger agent Ted Talbot acted as steward for the flight. Stewards are used on intercontinental airlines such as British Overseas and Pan American Airways and on one or two domestic United States airlines.

(source The Montreal Gazette Mar 3, 1941).

tmb between ourselves emblemFrom "Between Ourselves" magazine issue dated January 1945.

T.C.A.R.A Executive for YYZ for 1945.

tmb tcara exec yyz 1945Sitting from the left: Betty Rickart, Earl Johnson, President; Art Stapells and Ted Moore.

Standing: Art Beck, Neil Hepburn, Dave Clarke, Clare Moorhouse, Jack Scott and Jim Burritt.

Issue June 1946.

T.C.A.R.A Winnipeg Executive 1946-47.

C.B. Hodgson, President; W. Cook, V.P.; Miss P.L. Allen, Secretary; J.G. Stephens, Treasurer; W.F. English, Honorary President; F.E. Pink, Honorary V.P.; P.W. Baldwin, Honorary. V.P.; C.M. Adams,- Honorary V.P.

(Unfortunately, no photo available - eds)

Issue dated May 1964.

For potential producers of products which were not presently manufactured in Manitoba, the Manitoba Government sponsored a Manitoba Manufacturers Show in Winnipeg.The company featured one of the major displays at the exhibition with napkins, baggage tags, an aircraft seat and many other airline items which could possibly be manufactured in Manitoba.

tmb manitoba showRepresenting the company from the left in our photo are: H.C. Cotterel, V.P. Purchases & Stores; Les McDowell, Supply Manager, P & S Winnipeg; K E. Olson, Director of P & S.

Also attending were T.L. McLaughlin, General Purchasing Agent and Ralph Moore, Purchasing Agent.

Dans les écoles Français

More than 3,000 French students in the Montreal area heard the Company school panel presentation entitled "Your future in the space age". The program was also held in six other secondary schools in Trois-Rivières area.

tmb french school presentationPhotographed at the Honore-Mercier school from the left are: Guy Langevin, Data Processing Centre; Jocelyne Rene, Stewardess; John Le Pottier, Public Relations Representative; Brother Roger Laframboise, Director of the school; First Officer Pierre Charbonneau, Pilot; Gratien Veillette, Maintenance; and Stewardess Ghyslaine Turgeon.

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