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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

Ken Pickford spotted this error in NetLetter nr 1365.

Under the CP Air, Canadi>n People Gallery -

PWA charter department photo - one last name is spelled "Renneberg" in the text but "Benneberg" on the photo itself.

(The correct name is Renneberg we apologize for this error - eds)

Jim Griffith suggests you check this web site before you fly, just in case you run into overbooked flights and are traveling as a revenue passenger. (For travel in the USA).


Michael Ryan has sent us this information -

Restored WW2 Spitfire pays tribute to those who flew it including EPA's Captain H.C. "Charlie" Trainor.

More information at this web site -


Thus this information might be considered as a Tribute to all of them. Of course "Charlie" as he preferred to be called, was a proud member of our EPA Family here in Atlantic Canada, flying our B737's in the early years of my employment with the Airline.

I will always remember, upon his arrival at the gate to see him most days stroll into the Terminal, smoking his signature "Benson and Hedges" with a friendly greeting to all... and, as he smoked away reminding us with a little smile on his face, "boys, it can't go tell I'm back on-board".

This taking place at what is now known as Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Procedures have changed quite a bit for sure...

It is to be noted Gerard McCarthy, our local EPA Blogger, deserves the credit for making this information and tribute to Captain Trainor available.

Cheers, Mike Ryan - retired EPA/CPAir/Cdn Airlines Employee

Keith Simpson has written an article which appears in the 2017 edition of the magazine "Propliner" and provides the history of the Barkley-Grow aircraft fleet in Canada, some of which ended up with Canadian Pacific Airlines and Pacific Western Airlines.

Keith's father was a pilot with CP/Canadian until 1990, his brother was a CP sheet metal mechanic for 20 years, and Keith was in their computer department from 1978 to 1994..