From the Canadian Pacific Airlines "Newsletter" issue dated July 1963.

tmb cpa cf czlCPA's first C-46 Curtiss Commando, No. 251, was also the last. The round-nosed, twin-engine aircraft was flown from Edmonton to Fort Lauderdale, Florida during July by its new owners, Carolina Aircraft Corp., a freight operator in the Caribbean to join C-46 No. 255 purchased earlier in 1963.

This C-46, CF-CZL, is shown with a group of Inuit people on DEW line. The fleet of eight C-46's were purchased in early 1955 for DEW line freighting. When the DEW line work ended, four were converted to passenger configurations and later sold to PWA when they took over the Mackenzie operations.  With the sale of the last C-46 Commando, another aircraft type becomes history in CPA.

Issue dated October 1963; Off-Line Hostess. 

tmb cpa hertha muellerFor the first time, CPA had a ground hostess at an off-line point. She was Hertha Mueller formerly in reservations at Seattle, who has donned a CPA uniform and assisted passengers at SeattleĀ·Tacoma Airport who had come from or were destined for points served by CPA.

Seattle was an important traffic point. A lot of passengers from the Orient, Europe and Latin America fly to and from Vancouver on CPA but are funneled through Seattle on connecting carriers. Because of the many nationalities involved, special passenger handling often was required, and CPA extended these extra services beyond its points of call.

Competing with CPA emblem weathercock on aerial "mile zero" post overlooking Vancouver on Mt. Seymour are four headquarter girls representing CPA destinations.

tmb cpa mile zeroFrom the top: Lorraine Tanaka (Japan), Deanna Wong (Hong Kong), Margaret Heywood an Australian, and Marietta Ramaer, Dutch. The sign was erected by the North Shore Tourist Bureau with CPA participation.

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