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wayne albertson articlesExpo '67 - A wonderful memory  

Although I enjoy researching and writing about history, I am not usually a nostalgic person. I am much more interested in the present and future but I have found that researching the past and relating events to today’s world can often make history new again.

Due to Canada reaching its 150th birthday this year, I have found myself thinking about my teenage years growing up in Montreal leading up to Canada’s centennial celebration and Expo ’67.

I remember receiving my “passport” to Expo ’67 for my fourteenth birthday just a few days after the opening of the World’s Fair and being very excited riding the new “Metro” train for my first visit the next day.

My father was fascinated by other cultures but never had the opportunity to travel. He enthusiastically led my sister and myself from pavilion to pavilion sharing his knowledge (from years of reading) for each country represented.

The theme of Expo ’67, “Man and his World”, was a prophecy for Canada. I feel extremely fortunate to live in a multicultural country and to have had the opportunity to visit several original countries of friends who now call Canada “Home”.

Click the image below for an Expo ’67 promotional video posted on YouTube.