London City Airport (LCY), popular with business travelers, will become the first airport in the U.K. to install a digital control tower, the airport has announced. The tower will be equipped with 16 high-definition cameras that will transmit data to a control center in Swanwick, Hampshire, about 100 miles away, where air traffic controllers will do their job off-site.

Apparently SAAB has two towers in Sweden using the system already and they will build the City Airport system.

tmb sweden tower tmb sweden city airport

Boarding passes could someday become quaint relics for air travellers.

JetBlue Airways plans to test facial recognition check-in for a few flights beginning later this month, and Delta Air Lines plans to let some passengers board with their fingerprints instead of a boarding pass.

The once ubiquitous paper boarding pass is already shunned by many travellers who prefer to use mobile boarding passes on their phones. Now pilot programs could render those obsolete too, as airlines aim to increase convenience for customers, and government agencies look to increase security.

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