Air Canada Rouge began installing Gogo Wi-Fi inflight internet on its fleet of 767-300ERs for completion by end 2018.

(Source: SpeedNews May 19, 2017)

Three Technologies Pinpointed as Future of Air Canada Maintenance Ops.

Air Canada is exploring new ways of enhancing its warehouse and parts tracking operations. Artificial intelligence, drone technology and greater enhancements to GPS tracking will shape the future of Air Canada’s maintenance division warehouse and component tracking operations, according to its VP of Maintenance and Engineering, Richard Steer.

He says due to MRO-relevant technologies advancing at a rapid pace, the airline maintenance division is always looking to stay at the forefront of this by exploring new initiatives to enhance its operation. “One of these initiatives included some of the items our teams are now examining include the use of drones within our warehouses,” he says. “These could assist our teams during our audits; to the use of automated delivery vehicles, which could improve of coverage over large areas such as the warehouses in our hubs.”

In recent years, Air Canada has introduced a number of enhancements to its maintenance operation as part of its efforts to drive operational improvements. "Mobility has been a major theme of our transformation and the logistics team was the first to launch this within Air Canada Maintenance by issuing tablet devices to our frontline teams,” Steer says. “These enabled them to move from a stationary workspace to one where transactions can be completed in real-time on the fly.”

Steer adds that Air Canada has also utilized GPS tracking, which he says has produced a great amount of data to put its teams in a position of improved decision making.

(Source: MRO Network Daily May 19, 2017)

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